» Question: What is your name? / What's your name?
Answer: Robin / My name is Robin?

» Question: Where are you from? / Where do you come from?
Answer: I come from USA./ I'm from USA.

» Question: What's your surname / family name?
Answer: John

» Question: What's your first name?
Answer: Robin

» Question: What's your address?
Answer: 1/2 Mirpur, Dhaka.

» Question: Where do you live?
Answer: I live in Bangladesh.

» Question: What's your phone number?
Answer: 01710-000000 (sample no.)

» Question: How old are you?
Answer: Twenty Eight. / I'm twenty eight years old.

» Question: When / Where were you born?
Answer: I was born in 1988.

» Question: Are you married? / What's your marital status?
Answer: I'm single.

» Question: What do you do? / What's your job?
Answer: I'm a teacher.

» Question: Have you got a job?
Answer: Yes, I've got a good job.

» Question: Can you play cricket?
Answer: Yes, I can play cricket.

» Question: Can you speak Hindi?
Answer: Yes, I can speak Hindi.

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