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English Questions and Answers (Q&A : Part-03)

English Questions and Answers

» Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn't help _____?
Answer: laughing

» Question: It _____ raining since Monday.
Answer: has been

» Question: When I met her last year, _____.
Answer: she had been married for five years

» Question: After it was repaired, it _____ again.
Answer: ran perfectly

» Question: It _____ raining since early morning.
Answer: has been

» Question: We asked him why he _____ telephoned earlier.
Answer: had not

» Question: Rabindranath's stories often _____ surprise endings.
Answer: have

» Question: The baby _____ because it is hungry now.
Answer: is crying

» Question: It's 10 a.m now. The sun _____ in the eastern sky.
Answer: is shining

» Question: Just now he _____ his dinner but he says he'll see you when he's finished.
Answer: has had

» Question: He ______ here yesterday.
Answer: came

» Question: My uncle arrived while I _____ the dinner.
Answer: was cooking

» Question: My friend _____ before I came.
Answer: had left

» Question: The doctor ______ after the patient had died.
Answer: came

» Question: John _____ for a new room mate before he was finally succeeded.
Answer: had been looking

» Question: I will phone you when I _____ the news.
Answer: get

» Question: By 2020, I _____ for this firm 15 years.
Answer: will have worked

» Question: We shall _____ the work before he comes.
Answer: have finished

» Question: Before my mother _____ a house on the plot, paddy was grown here.
Answer: constructed

» Question: I _____ to his house yesterday but could not meet him.
Answer: went

» Question: They asked me what I have taken for breakfast _____.
Answer: have taken

» Question: It seemed that _____.
Answer: the day would never end

» Question: When I _____ money, I will buy a dictionary.
Answer: get

» Question: The light went out while I _____.
Answer: was reading

» Question: When water ______ it turns into ice.
Answer: freezes

» Question: The teacher suggested that her students _____ experiences with ESP.
Answer: write a composition on their

» Question: The doctor insisted that his patient _____.
Answer: take it easy fir three months


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