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List of Important Word Pairs

Abbott : Costello
Adam : Eve
Apples : Oranges
An arm : A leg
Antony : Cleopatra

Back : Forth
Bacon : Eggs
Barbie : Ken
Batman : Robin
Bed : Breakfast
Before : After
Bert : Ernie
Big : Small
Big : Tall
Birds : Bees
Black : White
Bread : Butter
Bread : Water
Bricks : Mortar
Bride : Groom
Bonnie : Clyde
Boys : Girls
Bow : Arrow
Business : Pleasure
By : Large

Cain : Abel
Cause : Effect
Castor : Pollux
Clock : Dagger
Coat : Tie
Coffee : Doughnuts
Cold : Hot
Cream : Sugar
Crime : Punishment
Crick : Watson
Cup : Saucer
Cut : Paste

Day : Night
Death : Taxes
Dead : Alive
Dick : Jane
Divide : Conquer
Dogs : Cats
Down : Out

Each : Every
Ebony : Ivory

Fast : Slow
Fat : Thin
Fife : Drum
Fire : Brimstone
First : Last
Fish : Chips
Flesh : Blood
Flotsam : Jetsam
Forgive : Forget
Front : Center
Free : Clear
Fun : Games

Gilbert : Sullivan
Give : Take
Good : Bad
Good : Evil

Ham : Eggs
Hammer : Nail
Hansel : Gretel
Happy : Sad
Heaven : Earth
Heaven : Hell
Hemmed : Hawed
High : Dry
High : Low
Hiroshima : Nagasaki
Hot : Bothered
Hot : Cold
Huffing : Puffing
Husband : Wife

The Iliad : The Odyssey
In : Out

Jack : Jill
Jekyll : Hyde

King : Queen
Kirk : Spock
Knife : Fork

Ladies : Gentlemen
Lady : The Tramp
Lancelot : Guinevere
Laurel : Hardy
Law : Order
Lewis : Clark
Left : Right
Life : Death
Lock : Key
Lost : Found
Love : Hate
Lucy : Desi

Man : Wife
Mad dogs : Englishmen
Marx : Engels
Meat : Potatoes
Michelson : Morley
Mom : Pop
Motherhood : Apple pie

Name : Address
Napoleon : Josephine
Near : Far
New : Old
Nice : Easy
Null : Void

Old : Young
Open : Shut
Orpheus : Eurydice
The Owl : The Pussycat

Peaches : Cream
Pen : Pencil
Phobos : Deimos
Porgy : Bess
Pork : Beans
Pots : Pans
Prim : Proper
Profit : Loss
Pros : Cons
Punch : Judy
Pure : Simple
Push : Pull

Question : Answer

Rain : Shine
Ranting : Raving
Read : Write
Republicans : Democrats
Rhyme : Reason
Right : Left
Right : Wrong
Rise : Fall
Rock : A hard place
Rock : Roll
Romeo : Juliet
Romulus : Remus

Salt : Pepper
Shirt : Tie
Shoes : Socks
Short : Fat
Simon : Garfunkel
Signed : Sealed
Skull : Bones
Slip : Slide
Smoke : Mirrors
Soap : Water
Sooner : Later
Stars : Stripes
Suit : Tie
Supply : Demand
Sweet : Sour

Tall : Thin
Tarzan : Jane
Terms : Conditions
Thick : Thin
Thunder : Lightning
Trinidad : Tobago
To : Fro
Tom : Jerry
Tossed : Turned
Touch : Go
Trial : Error
Trials : Tribulations
Tristan : Isolde
Tweedledum : Tweedledee

Ulna : Radius
Up : Down

Venus : Mars

Wait : See
War : Peace
Watson : Crick
Wine and Cheese

Xylem : Phloem

Yin : Yang
Young : Old

Zeroes : Ones


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LLB Colleges under National University, Bangladesh

National University, Bangladesh offers two (02) years Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) as a professional Post-graduate Degree.

To obtain two years LL.B. Post-graduate Degree from National University(NU), Bangladesh; should need to complete one year LL.B. (Part -1: Preliminary) course, and after passing one year LL.B. (Part -1: Preliminary) course,  should need to complete one year LL.B. (Part-2: Final) course.

There are many colleges offer LL.B. Post Gradate Degree under National University, Bangladesh. To admit, could choice favourite college from following list:

LLB Colleges Under National University, Bangladesh
Sl No. College name College Code 001 BAGERHAT LAW COLLEGE, BAGERHAT 0119 002 BANGABANDHU LAW COLLEGE, COMILLA 3751 003

NU Degree Pass Course Subject & Subject Code List | B.A Pass Course

National University, Bangladesh Three Years Degree Pass Course Subject & Subject Code ListThree Years B.A Pass Course Effective from the Session: 2013–2014
Subject: Arabic