Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn't help _____?
Answer: laughing

Question: 'Not bene' means _____?
Answer: Mark well

Question: He is named _____ his father.
Answer: after

Question: It is _____ acceptable to being a sentence with and or but.
Answer: rarely

Question: The practice of keeping one wife or husband is called ______.
Answer: Monogamy

Question: Which of the following sentences is not correct?
Answer: She don't attend class regularly

Question: I _____ here since 1980.
Answer: have been living

Question: 'Handy' means _____.
Answer: Convenient to handle or use

Question: Chapal has made tea. Make it passive voice.
Answer: Tea has been made by Chapal

Question: A handicapped person is one who _____.
Answer: Suffers from some disability

Question: By and large . means _____.
Answer: Mostly

Question: The proverb 'A snake in the grass' means _____.
Answer: A hidden enemy

Question: A _____ statement is an _____ comparison; it does not compare things explicitly, but suggest a likeness between them.
Answer: metaphorical , implied

Question: What is the antonym of 'Cease'?
Answer: Start

Question: The antonym of 'Imbecility' is _____.
Answer: Wisdom

Question: He is poor but honest. In this sentence which is conjunction?
Answer: but

Question: He was reluctant to have _____ to such stern measures.
Answer: resource

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