Question: ‘To be or not to be’ is the beginning of a famous soliloquy from _____.
Answer: Hamlet

Question: The father of English Poem _____.
Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer

Question: ‘Francis Bacon’ is an _____.
Answer: Essayist

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Question: Renaissance’ means ______.
Answer: The revival of learning

Question: Elizabethan tragedy’ is centered on _____.
Answer: Revenge

Question: Most famous satirist in English literature ______.
Answer: Jonathan Swift

Question: A ‘lexicographer’ is a person who writes ______.
Answer: Dictionaries

Question: The father of English Novel ______.
Answer: Daniel Defoe

Question: The English Poet who addicted to opium ______.
Answer: S.T. Coleridge

Question: The ‘Golden Age’ of English Literature ______.
Answer: The Elizabethan Age

Question: The author of the book ‘Asian Drama‘ is ______.
Answer: Gunnar Myrdal

Question: ‘Protagonist’ indicates ______.
Answer: The leading character in a play

Question: A ‘sonnet’ is a poem having ______.
Answer: Fourteen lines

Question: ‘Blank Verse’ is a kind of verse ______.
Answer: Having no rhyming end

Question: The real name of O’Henry ______.
Answer: William Sydney Porter

Question: ‘To Daffodils’ is written by ______.
Answer: Robert Herrick

Question: Goethe is the greatest poet of ______.
Answer: Germany

Question: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a ______.
Answer: Tragedy

Question: ‘A Passage to India’ is written by ______.
Answer: E.M Forster

Question: William Blake was both ______.
Answer: A poet and painter

Question: The full name of the tragedy ‘Dr. Faustus' ______.
Answer: The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus

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