» Father of English Novel: Henry Fielding

» Father of English Poem: Geoffrey Chaucer

» Poet of Poets: Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser

» English Epic Poet: John Milton

» Both a poet and painter: Blake

» Famous mock heroic poet in English Literature: Alexander Pope

» The poet of nature in English Literature: William Wordsworth

» Poet of beauty in English Literature: John Keats

» Rebel poet in English Literature: Lord Byron

» Poet of Skylark and Winds: P.B. Shelley

» Father of Modern English Literature: G.B. Shaw

» Most translated author of the world: V. I. Lenin

» Bard of Avon: William Shakespeare

» Poet of Love/ Metaphysical Poet: John Donne

» Father of English Criticism: John Dryden

» Father of Romanticism: Coleridge & Wordsworth

» The Founder of English Prose: Alfred the Great

» First Sonneteer in English Literature: Sir Thomas Wyatt

» Poet of Supernaturalism/ Opium Eater: S.T. Coleridge

» Father of English Tragedy: Christopher Marlowe

» Father of English Essay: Francis Bacon

» The Greatest Modern Dramatist: George Bernard Shaw

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