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34th BCS English MCQ

34th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) English MCQ
01. Which of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth's surface?
a) Marine Ecosystem
b) Desert Ecosystem
c) Mountain Ecosystem
d) Fresh water Ecosystem

Answer: a) Marine Ecosystem

02. √169 is equal to _____.
a) 17
b) 11
c) 13
d) 15

Answer: c) 13

03. Photosynthesis takes place in _____.
a) All parts of the plants
b) Roots of the plant
c) Stems of the plants
d) Green parts of the plants

Answer: d) Green part s of the plants

04. Lunar eclipse occurs on _____.
a) A moonless day
b) A new moon day
c) A full moon day
d) A half moon day

Answer: c)A full moon day

05. The term PC means _____.
a) Professional computer
b) Private computer
c) Prime computer
d) Personal computer

Answer: d) Personal computer

06. 'Botany' is to 'plants' as 'Zoology is to _____.
a) flowers
b) trees
c) dear
d) animals

Answer: d) animals

07. Tiger: Zoology :: Mars :
a) Astrology
b) Astronomy
c) Crytology
d) Telescopy

Answer: a)Astronomy

08. 'Maiden speech' means _____.
a) Late speech
b) Early speech
c) Final speech
d) First speech

Answer: d) First speech

09. What is the masculine gender of "mare"?
a) Dog
b) Mermaid
c) Bear
d) Stallion

Answer: d) Stallion

10. Who is known as the 'Lady of the Lamp'?
a) Sorojini Naidu
b) Hellen Killer
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Madame Teresa

Answer: c) Florence Nightingale

11. For which of the following disciplines Nobel Prize is awarded?
a) Literature, peace and Economices
b) Physiology or Medicine
c) Physices and Chemistry
d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

12. EURO is the currency of _____.
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) America

Answer: c) Europe

13. IMF is the result of _____.
a) Hawana Conference
b) Rome Conference
c) Geneva Conference
d) Brettonwood Conference

Answer: d) Brettonwood Conference

14. N.B stands for _____.
a) on bearing
b) Note before
c) No bar
d) Nota bene

Answer: d) Nota bene

15. Fill in the blank of the following sentence with the right form of verb. if I _____ a king!
a) shall be
b) am
c) was
d) were

Answer: d) were

16. In Cricket game the length of the pitch between the two wickets is _____.
a) 21 yards
b) 24 yards
c) 23 yards
d) 22 yards

Answer: d) 22 yards

17. Badminton is the national sport of _____.
a) Nepal
b) Malaysia
c) Scotland
d) China

Answer: Indonesia


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