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20th BCS English MCQ

01. Each question below consists of a related pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original
a) restrain : compose
b) upset : perturb
c) agitate : trouble
d) stimulate : cool down

Answer: d) stimulate : cool down

a) related: halt
b) block : obstruct
c) drag : procrastinate
d) detain : dispatch

Answer: d) detain : dispatch

a) penury : wealth
b) chaos : disorder
c) monarchy : republic
d) verbosity : words

Answer: c) monarchy : republic

a) wound : heal
b) antidote : counteract
c) victim : attend
d) diagnosis : cure

Answer: b) antidote : counteract

05. Questions 55 to 60 are incomplete sentences. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. _____ glass is, for all practical purposes, a solid, its molecular structure is that of a liquid.
a) because
b) since
c) although
d) if

Answer: c) although

06. An intensive search was conducted by the detectives to locate those criminals who _____.
a) have had escaped
b) had escaped
c) are escaping
d) have been escaping

Answer: b) had escaped

07. The intellectual can no longer be said to live— the margins of society.
a) against
b) beyond
c) inside
d) before

Answer: b) beyond

08. According to the conditions of my scholarship, after finishing my degree _____.
a) my education will be employed by the University
b) employment will be given to me by the University
c) the University will employ me
d) I will be employed of the University.

Answer: c) the University will employ me

09. If a substance is cohesive, it tends to ______.
a) retain heat
b) bend without too much difficulty
c) stick together
d) break easily

Answer: c) stick together

10. He stopped his car—when the light turned red.
a) abruptly
b) equitably
c) ambiguously
d) incisively

Answer: a) abruptly

11. Each sentence contains two blanks. Choose the set of words for each blank that best completes the sentence.
The influence of the technological revolution in _____ and _____ the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few should worry us all.
a) proliferating, diminishing
b) undermining, neutralizing
c) accelerating, intensifying
d) aggravating, demolishing

Answer: c) accelerating, intensifying

12. Few people would care to take the negative side of the proposition that the women of the world are— and _____ .
a) admired,  provoked
b) oppressed, scorned
c) rebuked, regaled
d) Slighted, celebrated

Answer: b) oppressed, scorned

13. Anger, even when it is _____ has one virtue, it overcomes _____.
a) sinful, sloth
b) inevitable, desire
c) unnecessary, malice
d) intense, hate

Answer: b) inevitable, desire

14. The word ‘dilly dally’ means _____.
a) to dilute
b) wait impatiently
c) repeat
d) waste time

Answer: d) waste time

15. The word ‘Euphemism’ means _____.
a) stating one thing like another
b) description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name
c) contrast of words is made in the same sentence
d) a statement is made emphatic by overstatement

Answer: a) stating one thing like another

16. The passive form of the sentence "some children were helping the wounded man" _____.
a)The wounded man was helped by some children
b)The wounded man was helping some children
c) The wounded man was being helped by some children
d)The wounded man was to be helped by some children

Answer: c) The wounded man was being helped by some children

17. Passage
Rumor is the most primitive way of spreading stories-by passing them on from mouth to mouth. But civilized countries in normal times have better sources of news than rumor. They have radio, television, and newspapers. In times of stress and confusion, however, rumor emerges and becomes rife. At such times different kinds of news are in competition: the press, television, and radio versus the grape vine. Especially do rumors spread when war requires censorship on many important matters. The customary news sources no longer give out enough information. Since the people cannot learn through legitimate channels all that they are anxious to learn, they pick up 'news' whenever they can and when this happens, rumor thrives. Rumors are often repeated even by those who do not believe the tales. There is a fascination about them. The reason is that the cleverly designed rumor gives expression to something deep in the hearts o the victims-the fears, suspicions, forbidden hopes, or daydreams which they hesitate to voice directly. Pessimistic rumors about defeat and disasters show that the people who repeat them are worried and anxious. Optimistic rumors about record
production or peace soon coming paint to complacency or confidence-and often to overconfidence.

The author is mainly concerned with _____.
a) the nature of rumor
b) the fascination of rumors
c) rumor as primitive man's newspaper
d) the breeding places of rumors

Answer: b) the fascination of rumors

18. The author suggests that rumors usually _____.
a) alarm their hearers
b) are hardy in their growth
c) are disheartening
d) can be suppressed by censorship

Answer: b) are hardy in their growth

19. The author states that during war time the regular sources of news present only _____.
a) optimistic reports
b) pessimistic reports
c) limited information
d) government propaganda

Answer: c) limited information

20. Which of the following best describes the authors personal attitude toward rumor.
a) Excited enthusiasm
b) Morbid curiosity
c) Acute indignation
d) Philosophical interest

Answer: d) Philosophical interest


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