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RU LLM (Evening) Course Admission (April, 2017 to March, 2018)

Rajshahi University LLM (Evening) Course Admission
Session: April, 2017 to March, 2018
Last date of application: 12 March, 2017

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English Questions and Answers (Q&A : Part-02)

Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn't help _____?
Answer: laughing

Question: 'Not bene' means _____?
Answer: Mark well

Question: He is named _____ his father.
Answer: after

Question: It is _____ acceptable to being a sentence with and or but.
Answer: rarely

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Question: The practice of keeping one wife or husband is called ______.
Answer: Monogamy

Question: Which of the following sentences is not correct?
Answer: She don't attend class regularly

Question: I _____ here since 1980.
Answer: have been living

Question: 'Handy' means _____.
Answer: Convenient to handle or use

Question: Chapal has made tea. Make it passive voice.
Answer: Tea has been made by Chapal

Question: A handicapped person is one who _____.
Answer: Suffers from some disability

Question: By and large . means _____.
Answer: Mostly

Question: The proverb 'A snake in the grass' means _____.
Answer: A hidden enemy

Question: A _____ statement…

List of Important Word Pairs

Abbott : Costello
Adam : Eve
Apples : Oranges
An arm : A leg
Antony : Cleopatra

Back : Forth
Bacon : Eggs
Barbie : Ken
Batman : Robin
Bed : Breakfast
Before : After
Bert : Ernie
Big : Small
Big : Tall
Birds : Bees
Black : White
Bread : Butter
Bread : Water
Bricks : Mortar
Bride : Groom
Bonnie : Clyde
Boys : Girls
Bow : Arrow
Business : Pleasure
By : Large

Cain : Abel
Cause : Effect
Castor : Pollux
Clock : Dagger
Coat : Tie
Coffee : Doughnuts
Cold : Hot
Cream : Sugar
Crime : Punishment
Crick : Watson
Cup : Saucer
Cut : Paste

Day : Night
Death : Taxes
Dead : Alive
Dick : Jane
Divide : Conquer
Dogs : Cats
Down : Out

Each : Every
Ebony : Ivory

Fast : Slow
Fat : Thin
Fife : Drum
Fire : Brimstone
First : Last
Fish : Chips
Flesh : Blood
Flotsam : Jetsam
Forgive : Forget
Front : Center
Free : Clear
Fun : Games

Gilbert : Sullivan
Give : Take
Good : Bad
Good : Evil

Ham : Eggs
Hammer : Nail
Hansel : Gretel
Happy : Sad
Heaven : Earth
Heaven : Hell
Hemmed : Hawed
High : Dry
High : Low

Admission to 10th Batch Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate Programme in Disaster Management-2017 under DU

10th Batch Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate Programme in Disaster Management-2017 under Admission under University of Dhaka

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English Questions and Answers (Q&A : Part-01)

English Questions and AnswersQuestion: ‘To be or not to be’ is the beginning of a famous soliloquy from _____.
Answer: Hamlet

Question: The father of English Poem _____.
Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer

Question: ‘Francis Bacon’ is an _____.
Answer: Essayist

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Question: Renaissance’ means ______.
Answer: The revival of learning

Question: Elizabethan tragedy’ is centered on _____.
Answer: Revenge

Question: Most famous satirist in English literature ______.
Answer: Jonathan Swift

Question: A ‘lexicographer’ is a person who writes ______.
Answer: Dictionaries

Question: The father of English Novel ______.
Answer: Daniel Defoe

Question: The English Poet who addicted to opium ______.
Answer: S.T. Coleridge

Question: The ‘Golden Age’ of English Literature ______.
Answer: The Elizabethan Age

Question: The author of the book ‘Asian Drama‘ is ______.
Answer: Gunnar Myrdal

Question: ‘Protagonist’ indicates ______.
Answer: The leading character in a play

Question: A ‘sonnet’ is a p…

M. A. (Evening) Program-2017 Admission under DU

Admission Notice: M. A. (Evening) Program-2017 in the Department of Information Science and Library Management

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34th BCS English MCQ

34th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) English MCQ
01. Which of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth's surface?
a) Marine Ecosystem
b) Desert Ecosystem
c) Mountain Ecosystem
d) Fresh water Ecosystem

Answer: a) Marine Ecosystem

02. √169 is equal to _____.
a) 17
b) 11
c) 13
d) 15

Answer: c) 13

03. Photosynthesis takes place in _____.
a) All parts of the plants
b) Roots of the plant
c) Stems of the plants
d) Green parts of the plants

Answer: d) Green part s of the plants

04. Lunar eclipse occurs on _____.
a) A moonless day
b) A new moon day
c) A full moon day
d) A half moon day

Answer: c)A full moon day

05. The term PC means _____.
a) Professional computer
b) Private computer
c) Prime computer
d) Personal computer

Answer: d) Personal computer

06. 'Botany' is to 'plants' as 'Zoology is to _____.
a) flowers
b) trees
c) dear
d) animals

Answer: d) animals

07. Tiger: Zoology :: Mars :
a) Astrology
b) Astronomy
c) Crytology
d) Telescopy

Answer: a)Astronomy

08. &…

Write a dialogue between two friends about the Smartphone.

A dialogue between two friends about the Smartphone.A dialogue between two friends (Robin & John) about the Smartphone.

Robin: Hi! How are you, John?
John: Fine and you?

Robin: I'm also fine. Where are you going now?
John: I am going to buy a smart phone.

Roin: Oh I see. I will be very glad if you kindly tell me something about the uses of smartphone.
John: It is of great use. Through smartphone, one can browse internet, store data, take photos, send messages, watch videos, sing songs,  play games and sports, know about time, date, week, month and year, solve the work of calculation, be aware of current news and views, watch various programmes of television and get amazed and amused.

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Robin: Interesting. I am eager to buy a smartphone.
John: Yea, you should buy a smartphone.

Robin: So far as I know, the whole world seems to be a global village with the golden touch of smartphone.
John: Of course, within a very short time we can co…

IT Scholarship Project under IDB-BISEW

IDB-BISEW: Islamic Development Bank-Bangladesh Islamic Solidarity Educational Wakf
Round 35 IT Scholarship Project under IDB-BISEW
Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to some commonly asked questions are given below:

1. What is IDB-BISEW?Islamic Development Bank-Bangladesh Islamic Solidarity Educational Wakf (IDB-BISEW) was established following an agreement between the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the Government of Bangladesh. IDB-BISEW undertakes funding and implementing of projects in the areas of education, human resource development and institutional strengthening.

2. What is IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project?It is a technology skills development project under which the scholarship winners are provided with training of various duration on IT disciplines leading to a certificate or professional diploma. Currently, around 1,074 trainees are undergoing training in Round – 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33. Around 8,277 graduates of the past Rounds of the scholarship programme a…

About English Literature

» Father of English Novel: Henry Fielding

» Father of English Poem: Geoffrey Chaucer

» Poet of Poets: Edmund Spenser

» English Epic Poet: John Milton

» Both a poet and painter: Blake

» Famous mock heroic poet in English Literature: Alexander Pope

» The poet of nature in English Literature: William Wordsworth

» Poet of beauty in English Literature: John Keats

» Rebel poet in English Literature: Lord Byron

» Poet of Skylark and Winds: P.B. Shelley

» Father of Modern English Literature: G.B. Shaw

» Most translated author of the world: V. I. Lenin

» Bard of Avon: William Shakespeare

» Poet of Love/ Metaphysical Poet: John Donne

» Father of English Criticism: John Dryden

» Father of Romanticism: Coleridge & Wordsworth

» The Founder of English Prose: Alfred the Great

» First Sonneteer in English Literature: Sir Thomas Wyatt

» Poet of Supernaturalism/ Opium Eater: S.T. Coleridge

» Father of English Tragedy: Christopher Marlowe

» Father of English Essay: Francis Bacon

» The Greatest Mode…

HSC Exam-2017 Routine

20th BCS English MCQ

01. Each question below consists of a related pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original
a) restrain : compose
b) upset : perturb
c) agitate : trouble
d) stimulate : cool down

Answer: d) stimulate : cool down

a) related: halt
b) block : obstruct
c) drag : procrastinate
d) detain : dispatch

Answer: d) detain : dispatch

a) penury : wealth
b) chaos : disorder
c) monarchy : republic
d) verbosity : words

Answer: c) monarchy : republic

a) wound : heal
b) antidote : counteract
c) victim : attend
d) diagnosis : cure

Answer: b) antidote : counteract

05. Questions 55 to 60 are incomplete sentences. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. _____ glass is, for all practical purposes, a solid, its molecular structure is that of a liquid.
a) because
b) since
c) although
d) if

Answer: c) although

06. An intensive search was conducted…

English Words Prefixed With Self-

English Words Prefixed With Self-A





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