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IU Master of Development Studies (Evening) Program Admission 2017

Master of Development Studies (Evening) Program Admission

Department of Politics and Public Administration Islamic University, Kushita.

Admission requirements:

The MDS is an interdisciplinary social science programme. The candidates of this programme must have either bachelor or master degree from any reputed university. The academic calendar of MDS has been divided into two categories. First, MDS is one academic year for those who have four year's bachelor degree or master degree. Second, MDS is two academic years for those who have a two or three year's bachelor degree. Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in any discipline and the students appeared at the final examination for Bachelor/Master Degree from Islamic University or any other recognized university may apply for appearing at the admission test. However, the stud ents appeared at the final examination for Bachelor/ Master Degree may be admitted provisionally but their admission shall be confirmed subject to passing the examination appeared for.


  • A student failing to get the CGPA 2.5 or below in final examination may seek readmission with the following adjustable batch. For readmission, a student shall have to apply within one month after publication of the result.
  • On readmission, grades earlier earned by a student in the programme shall be cancelled and the student shall have to retake all the course-works (such as in course/ tutorial/ assignment/ thesis/ internship and viva-voice e .am) and final examination.
  • A student will get only one chance for readmission during the programme.
  • The readmitted student who fails to earn the CGPA 2.5 or complete successfully 32 credit hours of one-year course and 64 credit hours of two years course shall he dropped out from the MDS programme

Number of students:

1) The number of students for one year MDS programme will be 60 and
2) The number of students for two years MDS programme will be 60.

Medium of instruction:

The medium of instruction of teaching and examination would be both English and Bengali.

About MDS:

The Department of Politics and Public Administration, Islamic University, Kushtia has taken an initiative to launch a professional master degree programme. The name of the programme is "Master of Development Studies" (MDS) (evening) programme. MDS aims to provide a challenging and innovative approach to study and practice on the contemporary development discourse, a rapidly growing area of study concerned with the people, society and economy. As a professional degree programme, MDS is also committed to promote high quality research on various development and governance issues of the developing nations in general and Bangladesh in particular. Attracting students and scholars committed to interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological approaches to th e study of social , political and economic change, MDS will promote greater public understanding, advance independent analyses, and encourage further professional competence on issues related to development with a view to contributing towards poverty alleviation, combating corruption, sustainable development and good governance, the cherished goal s of the developing world.

Objectives of the Programme

The MDS has been designed to provide advanc ed level technique for fr esh graduates and mid level career professionals' eager to enhance th eir knowledge, skills or to acquire new ones. The programme determines to train young professionals willing to pursue a career in international or national (both Govt. and NGO) agencies or in the academic world. The programme emphasizes on the development of research skill not only for further academic research but also in practical development work. The students of this programme are expected to:

  • Understand the theoretical background about major debates in development studies at the beginning of 21st century.
  • Deepen the capacity in undertaking advance level analyses of the major current issues and debates in contemporary development and development studies.
  • Contribute in practical policy formulation and implementation; Produce skilled corporate and dynamic cadres (teachers, managers, leaders and executives).
  • Orient with the process of change, transition and development.
  • Motivate the students to the applications of development study in any area of practical concern.
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of the development economics and environment and equip with modern knowledge in business and technology.
  • Shift kin career interests of many students and to meet the growing demand of local organizations, entrepreneurs and other professional programme.
  • Prepare talented, skilled and qualified personnel for the various profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • Sharpen analytical abilities on conceptual and research of development studies.

Prospectus: [Master of Development Studies(Evening) Program]

Contacat Info:
Department of Politics and Public Administration Islamic University, Kushita.
Tel: +88-071-62201-6, Ext. 2286, Fax: +88-071-62399
Cell: 01791144163,01776092715, 01715351430


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