01. The walls of our house have been painted _____ green.
  1. by
  2. in
  3. with
  4. no preposition
Answer: iv. no preposition

02. A speech full of too many words is _____
  1. A big speech
  2. Maiden speech
  3. An unimportnt speach
  4. A verbose speech
Answer: iv. A verbose speech

03. To meet trouble half way means _____
  1. To be puzzled
  2. To get nervious
  3. To be disappointed
  4. To bear up
Answer: i. To be puzzled

04. What is the meaning of the idiom 'a round dozen'?
  1. A full dozen
  2. A little less than a dozen
  3. A little more than a dozen
  4. Round about a dozen
Answer: i. A full dozen

05. You should "show good manners" in the company of young ladies- Which is the appropriate phrase for the underlined expression above?
  1. Behave gently
  2. Practice manners
  3. Behave yourself
  4. Do not talk rudely
Answer: i. Behave gently

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06. Trying unitedly we were able to have our project approved 'against' strong oppositions. Which of the following says nearly the same as 'against' above?
  1. In the wake of
  2. In the guise of
  3. In the plea of
  4. In the teeth of
Answer: iv. In the teeth of

07. Not many people can commit such a heinous crime 'in cold blood'. What does the quoted idiom mean?
  1. In cool brain and calculeted thought
  2. So patiently and thoughtfully
  3. So impatiently and thoughtlessly
  4. Stirred by sudden emotion
Answer: i. In cool brain and calculeted thought

08. People who assume that no evil can befall them are foolishly _____
  1. Ardent
  2. Complacent
  3. confident
  4. apprehensive
Answer: ii. Complacent

09. One who unduly forwards in rendering services for others is not generally liked in society- Which of the following words represents truly the character of the person mentioned here?
  1. Benevolent
  2. Official
  3. Officious
  4. Bureaucratic
Answer: iii. Officious

10. What kind of man is quite the opposite type of "supercilious"?

  1. Affable
  2. Haughty
  3. Disdainfull
  4. Wicked

Answer: i. Affable

11. How many eggs have your hens _____ this month?
  1. lain
  2. laid
  3. lay
  4. lied
Answer: ii. laid

12. Can you tell me where _____ ?
  1. Does Mr. Ali live
  2. Mr. Ali doesn’t live
  3. Mr. Ali lives
  4. Lives Mr. Ali
Answer: iii. Mr. Ali lives

13. Now-a-days many villages are lit _____ Electricity. Which is the correct preposition in the above blank?
  1. with
  2. by
  3. from
  4. on
Answer: i. Electricity

14. The second anniversary celebration of our college will be held on December,15. which of the following is the correct phrase for ‘will be held’?
  1. takes off
  2. comes off
  3. will bring about
  4. will come round
Answer: ii. comes off

15. 'Dog day' means _____
  1. a period of being carefree
  2. a period of habing youthful flings
  3. a period of misfortunate
  4. hot weather
Answer: iv. hot weather

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