01. Who is the greatest modern English Dramatist?
i) Verginia Woolf
ii) George Bernard Shaw
iii) P. B. Shelley
iv) S. T. Coleridge

Answer: ii) George Bernard Shaw

02. Who is the modern philosopher who was awarded Nobel Prize for literature?
i) James Baker
ii) Dr. Kissinger
iii) Bertrand Russell
iv) Lenin

Answer: iii) Bertrand Russell

03. Who is the author of 'A Farewell to Arms'?
i) T. S. Eliot
ii) John Milton
iii) Plato
iv) Ernest Hemingway

Answer: iv) Ernest Hemingway

04. Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?
i) Alexander Pope
ii) Jonathan Swifts
iii) William Wordsworth
iv) Butler

Answer: ii) Jonathan Swifts

05. What is the synonym of 'Delude'?
i) Demand
ii) Permit
iii) Aggravate
iv) Deceive

Answer: iv) Deceive

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06. What is the noun of the word 'Waste'?
i) Waste
ii) Wasting
iii) Wastage
iv) Wasteful

Answer: iii) Wastage

07. What is the antonym of 'Queer'?
i) Integrated
ii) Orderly
iii) Abnormal
iv) Odd

Answer: ii) Orderly

08. What is the adjective of the word 'Heart'?
i) Heart
ii) Hearten
iii) Heartening
iv) Heartful

Answer: iii) Heartening

09. What is the verb of the word 'Shortly'?
i) Short
ii) Shorter
iii) Shorten
iv) Shortness

Answer: iii) Shorten

10. Choose the correct sentence:
i) Let he and you be witnesses
ii) Let you and him be witnesses
iii) Let you and he be witnesses
iv) Let you and he be witness

Answer: ii) Let you and him be witnesses

11. Choose the correct sentence:
i) The matter was informed to the police
ii) The matter has informed to to the police
iii) The police was informed of the matter
iv) The police were informed of the matter

Answer: iv) The police were informed of the matter

12. Who, which, what are:
i) Demonstrative pronoun
ii) Relative pronoun
iii) Reflexive pronoun
iv) Indefinite pronoun

Answer: ii) Relative pronoun

13. Choose the correct one:
i) Mispel
ii) Misspell
iii) Mispell
iv) Misspel

Answer: ii) Misspell

14. Fill in the blanks :What is the time ---------- your watch?
i) by
ii) in
iii) at
iv) with

Answer: i) by

15. Fill in the blinks: "Give my _____ to him".
i) Warm compliment
ii) Compliments
iii) Best compliment
iv) Heartiest compliment

Answer: ii) Compliments

16. "Caesar and Cleopatra" is _____
i) A tragedy by Shakespeare
ii) A play by G. B. Shaw
iii) A poem by Lord Byron
iv) A novel by S.T. Coleridge

Answer: ii) A play by G. B. Shaw

17. It is too difficult to tolerate bad temper for long. which of the following phrases does best replace 'tolerate' in the above sentence?
i) cope up with
ii) put up with
ii) stand up for
iv) pull on with

Answer: ii) put up with

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