01. He has been ill _____ Friday last.
i) from
ii) on
iii) in
iv) since

Answer: iv) since

02. 'Out and out' means:
i) Not at all
ii) Brave
iii) Thoroughly
iv) Whole heatedly

Answer: iii) Thoroughly

03. What is the verb of the word 'ability'?
i) enable
ii) ably
iii) able
iv) ableness

Answer: i) enable

04. May Allah help you. What kind of sentence is this?
i) Assertive
ii) Imperative
iii) Optative
iv) Exclamatory

Answer: ii) Optative

05. A rolling stone gathers no moss. what rolling' is?
i) Gerund
ii) Participle
iii) Verbal noun
iv) Adjective

Answer: iv) Adjective

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06. Which is the noun of the word beautiful?
i) Beautify
ii) Beauty
iii) Beautifully
iv) Beautious

Answer: ii) Beauty

07. Hold water means _____
i) keep water
ii) Store
iii) Bear examination
iv) Drink water

Answer: iii) Bear examination

08. "Justice delayed is justice denied" was stated by _____
i) Disraeli
ii) Gladstone
iii) Emerson
iv) Shakespeare

Answer: ii) Gladstone

09. Who is poet of the Victorian age?
i) Mathew Arnold
ii) Helen keller
iii) Shakespeare
iv) Robert Browning

Answer: iv) Robert Browning

10. Who is the author of 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'?
i) Lord Tennison
ii) Homer
iii) Charles Dickens
iv) Ernest Hemingway

Answer: iv) Ernest Hemingway

11. 'syntax' means _____
i) Supplementary tax
ii) Sentence building
iii) Manner of speech
iv) Synchronizing

Answer: ii) Sentence building

12. What is the synonym of 'Incite'?
i) Urge
ii) Permit
iii) Instigate
iv) deceive

Answer: iii) Instigate

13. What is the antonym `Honorary'?
i) Literary
ii) Honorable
iii) Salaried
iv) Official

Answer: iii) Salaried

14. Fill in the blanks He has assublue me _____ safety?
i) with
ii) of
iii) for
iv) at

Answer: ii) of

15. Choose the correct sentence _____
i) He was hunged for murder
ii) He has been hunged for murder
iii) He was hanged for murder
iv) He had been hunged for murder

Answer: i) He was hanged for murder

16. Choose the correct sentence _______
i) The rich is not always happy
ii) Rich is not always happy
iii) The rich is not happy always
iv) The rich are not always happy

Answer: iv) The rich are not always happy

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