Author: Aisha Jannat

My interior don't care, don't fear,
It is time to be free, let my mind fly,
Let me crazy so my mind be silly.
Never look back, I will fly myself.

My interior don't care, don't fear,
I want to be a bird, I wish, I will be free.
I wonder why the sun is yellow,
I hear the flowers laughing,
I see shadows are dancing.

My interior don't care, don't fear,
I wise freedom to be happy.
I feel butterflies in my heart.
I say I can make a change.
I cry about what I can't do.

My interior don't care, don't fear,
I hope I will get to see the top of the world.
I understand why the world is sad.
I worry about the planets future.
Into the heaven of freedom, let my country awake.

My interior don't care, don't fear,
Lighting my gloomy soul, forget all the problems.
I try to climb trees and touch the moon.
I see dream the rivers dancing around me.
To wonder the whole world, how beautiful you are!
Into ever widening thought & action,
Just to know that freedom isn't a lie.
In that place my interior don't care, don't fear.

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