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Important Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

01. General Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys:

➽ Display Help: F1

➽ Rename the selected item: F2

➽ Search for a file or folder: F3

➽ Display the address bar list in File Explorer: F4

➽ Close the currently active application/ exit the active application: Alt + F4

➽ Refresh the active window: F5

➽ Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop: F6

➽ Activate the Menu bar in the active application: F10

✍ N. B:Some of the shortcuts given above may not work for Windows 8 or, Windows 10.

02. Control (Ctrl+A to Z keys) Key Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+A ⇛ Select all text
  • Ctrl+B ⇛ Bold highlighted text
  • Ctrl+C ⇛ Copy any selected text/ object
  • Ctrl+D ⇛ Bookmark an open web page/ open font window in Microsoft Word/ deselect (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Ctrl+E ⇛ Center text
  • Ctrl+F ⇛ Open find window
  • Ctrl+G ⇛ Open Find in a browser/ word processors
  • Ctrl+H ⇛ Open the Find and Replace in a word processor
  • Ctrl+I ⇛ Italicize text
  • Ctrl+J ⇛ View downloads in browsers/ set justify alignment in a word processor
  • Ctrl+K ⇛ Create a hyperlink for the highlighted text in a word processor/ in HTML editors
  • Ctrl+L ⇛ Select address bar in a browser/ left align text in a word processor
  • Ctrl+M ⇛ Indent selected text in word processors/ other programs
  • Ctrl+N ⇛ Create a new page/ document
  • Ctrl+O ⇛ Open a file in different programs
  • Ctrl+P ⇛ Open a print window to print
  • Ctrl+R ⇛ Reload page in browser/ right align text in a word processor
  • Ctrl+S ⇛ Save the document or file
  • Ctrl+T ⇛ Create a new tab in an Internet browser/ adjust tabs in word processors
  • Ctrl+U ⇛ Underline selected text.
  • Ctrl+V ⇛ Paste any text or object that has been copied
  • Ctrl+W ⇛ Close open tab in a browser/ close a document in word
  • Ctrl+X ⇛ Cut selected text/ object.
  • Ctrl+Y ⇛ Redo any undo action
  • Ctrl+Z ⇛ Undo any action

03. Other Control Key Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+End ⤇ Move the cursor to the end of a document
  • Ctrl+Esc ⤇ Open the Windows Start Menu
  • Ctrl+Tab ⤇ Switch between open tabs in browsers or other tabbed programs
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab ⤇ Will go backwards (right to left).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z ⤇ Redo
  • Ctrl+[ ⤇ Decrease font size
  • Ctrl+] ⤇ Increase font size
  • Ctrl+= ⤇ Toggle font subscript
  • Ctrl+Shift+= ⤇ Toggle font superscript
  • Ctrl+End ⤇ Bottom (end of document or window)
  • Ctrl+Home ⤇ Top (start of document or window)
  • Ctrl+Insert ⤇ Copy
  • Ctrl+PgDn ⤇ Next tab
  • Ctrl+PgUp ⤇ Previous tab
  • Ctrl+Tab ↹ ⤇ Next window or tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab ↹ ⤇ Previous window or tab
  • Ctrl+← ⤇ Previous word
  • Ctrl+→ ⤇ Next word
  • Ctrl+ ⤇ Delete Delete next word
  • Ctrl+← ⤇ Backspace Delete previous word
  • Ctrl+Alt+← ⤇ Backspace Restart X11
  • Ctrl+Alt+↑ ⤇ Rotate screen right-side up
  • Ctrl+Alt+↓ ⤇ Rotate screen upside down
  • Ctrl+Alt+← ⤇ Rotate screen left
  • Ctrl+Alt+→ ⤇ Rotate screen right
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc ⤇ Open task manager
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Del)  ⤇ Reboot/ Open task manager or session options

04. Windows Key (denoted with: Win) shortcuts:

  • Win+D ⇶ Bring desktop to the top of other windows
  • Win+M ⇶ Minimize all windows
  • Win+SHIFT+M ⇶ Undo the minimize done by (Win+M and Win+D)
  • Win+E ⇶ Open Microsoft Explorer
  • Win+Tab ⇶ Cycle through open programs on the taskbar
  • Win+F ⇶ Display the Windows Search/ Find feature
  • Win+CTRL+F ⇶ Display the search for computers window
  • Win+F1 ⇶ Display the Microsoft Windows help
  • Win+R ⇶ Open the run window
  • Win+Pause/ Break ⇶ Open the system properties window
  • Win+U ⇶ Open utility manager
  • Win+L ⇶ Lock the computer (Windows XP & later)


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