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Discuss the use of computer in Education.

The use of computer in Education

Computers help students & teachers in the process of receiving and giving education systematically. Computers are being used actively in educational institutes to improve the learning process. Teachers can use audio video aids through computer to prepare lesson plans. They can use Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare electronic presentations about their lectures. Educators & learners around the world can connect with each other on various internet platforms. The students can solve different kinds of problems quickly and efficiently by using computers.

There are following the use of computer in Education:

» Improving performance of students: Statistics says that students who use computers have shown very good improvement in terms of education and attendance in schools when compared to that of students who do not use computers in their classrooms. Students have started involving themselves more in learning their lessons and work steadily if they are allowed to use computers. These computers help the students to gain more attention on their work at home after their school hours, involving with other students for collaborative projects on their own without troubling their parents. Even parents find easier to make students sit in front to make them learn things much faster without the need of sending them again with loads of books to the tuition's.

» Online Education: Students can collect different information on the Internet. There are many websites provide online education. They can read or download educational material and books. Besides, students use internet to access different websites for educational topics. The students log in to their accounts and e-mail boxes. They interact with different teachers online. They receive and submit their assignments and work through internet to their teachers.

» Efficiency: Computer helps to study us in more convenient and interactive way The computers make the process of learning much simpler and easy. The students can check their own lessons or future plans of the project online and in case of doubts they can directly mail their teachers through emails or other means of online discussion. Students find easy to work from home their homework’s or elsewhere allowing them to finish their work without disturbing them from other way of enjoying their childhood or constraining them to schools and hours of sitting and writing on books.

» Research: Computers are also used for researching work. Internet is a huge source of information on any topic. Different researchers can share their research work online using Internet.

» Learning Job skills: As computers play an important role in modern business era and every student have come to know that the basic job requirement needs computer knowledge and technology. Teaching students about computers and their usage helps them to quality themselves in possible career developmental options and sending them to classes based on computer education makes them more specific for even improved computer based jobs in the future.

Note: We want to update this post by getting your kind help. Please help us by sharing your ideas via comments about the use of computer in Education.


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