Suppose, You have lost your ATM Debit card somewhere. In that case your bank ask you to write an application to the branch manager requesting for a new ATM Debit card.

Application for a new ATM Debit card:

Date: 20/09/2016

The Branch Manager,
HSBC Bank,
Dhaka, Khulna.

Subject: Application for issuing a new ATM Debit card.

Dear Sir,

With due respect and humble submission I Mr. John beg to state that I am an honest customer of your famous bank and having a savings account in your branch for past five (05) years.

Recently I have pick-pocket and lost my ATM Debit card. Your ATM Debit card services are very customer friendly. Your various facilities like internet banking, online shopping, mobile banking are very much helpful for day to day business activities. Without ATM Debit card it has been a great hinder for my regular banking transactions. Hence I would like to request you to issue me a new ATM Debit card.

My bank account details:
A/C Holder Name: Mr. John
A/C No: 120101200901
Previous ATM Debit Card Number: 4323 1234 5678 9123

I therefore, Hope that you will judge the situation and issue me a new ATM Debit card so that I can continue my banking activities. If there are any charges for the same, you can debit it from my bank account.

Your faithfully,
Mr. John
A/C No: 120101200901

Enclosure: Damaged ATM Debit card

N.B: This sample application is only for academic study.

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