Suppose, You are Lina and Nazneen is your best friend. Now, write a dialogue between two students coming out of examination center.

Dialogue: A dialogue between two students (myself: Lina and my friend: Nazneen) coming out of examination center.

Lina: Hello, Nazneen! How are you?
Nazneen: I'm not well.

Lina: Why! What happened?
Nazneen: Bad Luck! I could not solve my paper properly.

Lina: The question paper was very easy. What's the problem? Didn't you learn your lessons regularly?
Nazneen: No, I was not serious in using time properly and very often I wasted my valuable time on Internet.

Lina: Don't tell me! You should prepare for the examination in time. Look, I am very happy and my paper is correct more than eighty percent. But I am sorry, I could not solve a question due to the shortage of time. But my performance in examination is very fine.
Nazneen: Best of Luck!

Lina: Please tell me about your paper.
Nazneen: The Dialogue "Write a dialogue between yourself and the receptionist" was very easy which have ten marks. I wrote it perfect. There would be no mistake.

Lina: It means that you can get eight or nine marks in it. How did you write the paragraph?
Nazneen: The paragraph was also easy but I have mistakes of spellings in it.

Lina: It means that you will obtain seven marks from ten marks only in paragraph. Which paragraph was written by you?
Nazneen: I wrote on "The Necessity of Balance Diet".

Lina: How is your story writing?
Nazneen: It is fifty percent correct and this story writing will exactly give five marks from ten.

Lina: How is your Correction?
Nazneen: I left it because it was out of my approach.

Lina: How is your completing sentences?
Nazneen: Only four sentences are right out of five.

Lina: How are your tag questions?
Nazneen: I wrote it perfect. There would be no mistake.

Lina: It means that you can get A grade.
Nazneen: Yes, I can obtain A grade but I am not satisfied on it.

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