01. In regard to noble prize, which one of the following is not true?
a) Malala Yusufzai is the sixteenth woman noble prize winner
b) Malala Yusufzai is a noble prize winner in peace
c) Malala Yusufzai is a noble prize winner in education
d) Malala Yusufzai is the youngest noble prize winner

Answer: c) Malala Yusufzai is a noble prize winner in education

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02. 'Ebola' has not spread out in epidemic form in which of the following countries?
a) Liberia
b) Sierra Leon
c) Guinea
d) Nigeria

Answer: d) Nigeria

03. 'In terms of GDP, which one of the following is the largest economy?
a) USA
b) UK
c) China
d) Australia

Answer: c) China

04. Which of the following companies has issued largest ever IPO in capital market?
a) Google
b) Ali Baba
c) Microsoft
d) Black Berry

Answer: b) Ali Baba

05. Which of the following countries is the highest emitter of CO2?
a) China
b) UK
c) USA
d) Germany

Answer: b) China

06. The foreign exchange reserve of Bangladesh Bank at this moment is at record level. What is that level?
a) $20 + billion
b) $21 + billion
c) $22 + billion
d) $23 + billion

Answer: c) $22 + billion

a) State Bank of Pakistan
b) Central Bank of India
c) Central Bank of Sri Lanka
d) Bank of England

Answer: b) Central Bank of India

08. Which sport is associated with the Davis Cup?
a) Football
b) Tennis
c) Cricket
d) Horse Racing

Answer: b) Tennis

09. Which of the following is an affiliate of the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development?
a) IDA
d) IMF

Answer: a) IDA

10. Which of the following is grown from stem cuttings?
a) Banana
b) Maize
c) Turmeric
d) Sugarcane

Answer: d) Sugarcane

12. Which of the following is not a contagious disease?
a) Mumps
b) Small Pox
c) Tuberculosis
d) Typhoid

Answer: d) Typhoid

12. Where does Rakhain tribe mainly live?
a) Rangamati
b) Bandarban
c) Patuakhali
d) Rajshahi

Answer: c) Patuakhali

13. Which one of the following is 'legal tender money'?
a) Cheque
b) Credit Card
c) Coins
d) Debit Card

Answer: c) Coins

14. Which is the smallest district in Rajshahi Division?
a) Joypurhat
b) Neogaon
c) Chapainowabgonj
d) Natore

Answer: a) Joypurhat

15. Who was the Finance Minister during our liberation war in 1971?
a) A. H. M. Kamruzzaman
b) Captain M. Mansur Ali
c) Sayed Nazrul Islam
d) Dr. Kamal Hossain

Answer: b) Captain M. Mansur Ali

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