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NU Masters Final (Private) Registration Notice (Session: 2013-14)

Masters Final (Private) Registration Notice (Session: 2013-14)National University Gazipur, Bangladesh

Quick Navigation:NU Masters Exam-2013 Center List

NU Masters Exam-2013 Center List

National University Gazipur, Bangladesh NU Masters Exam-2013 Center ListDhaka Division:

Quick Navigation:NU Masters Final (Private) Registration Notice (Session: 2013-14)

Khulna Division:

MBA (Evening) and Executive MBA 2015-16 (1st Batch) at KU Admission

MBA (Evening) and Executive MBA 2015-16 (1st Batch) at Khulna University Invitation for Application
Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University invites application from the prospective candidates (both Fresh Students and Executives) in its MBA (Evening) and Executive MBA Program. Prospective Candidates can apply for both or any of the programs.

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No. of students to be admitted: 45 in the MBA (Evening) and 35 in the Executive MBA program.Duration of the Program: 20 monthds for the MBA (Evening) and 16 months for the Executive MBA program.Total Cost: Tk. 110,000 (approx.) for the MBA (Evening) and Tk. 120,000 (approx.) for the Executive MBA program.Class Time: During the weekdays and weekend for the MBA (Evening) and only in the weekend for the Executive MBA program.Application: Application forms can be downloaded from and or collected from the office of the Business Admini…