Write a dialogue between two friends on violence in the campus.

Dialogue: A dialogue between two friends (Robin & Pavel) on violence in the campus.

Robin: Hello Pavel! Why have you come at midnight? Have you any problem? Please come Inside.
Pavel: All the students are vacating the halls because the university has been announced closed sine die for a serious bloody violence.

Robin: Did anybody die in the violence?
Pavel: Yes, two brilliant students-one from Political Science Department and another from English Department. They were coming from the library.

Robin: What do you think is the main reason of this campus violence?
Pavel: I believe so called student politics is the main reason of this.

Robin: I am one with your opinion. Students should not Involve themselves in this type of dirty activities.
Pavel: The students arc not only to blame. They are being exploited by the self-centred narrow minded politicians.

Robin: We must work unitedly to resist It. You know campus violence not only ruins the academic environment but also spoils the life of the students and takes away many valuable lives.
Pavel: Everybody including the political leaders must come forward to stop these suicidal activities right at this moment.

Robin: No more now, please go to sleep. You will stay at our home until the university opens.
Pavel: Thank you. Good-night.
Robin: Good-night.

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