Write a dialogue between a house owner and a gentleman about house rent.

Dialogue: A dialogue between a house owner (Mr. Khan) and a gentleman (Mr. Robin) about house rent.

Gentleman (Mr. Robin): Excuse me. is Mr. Khan in?
Landlord (Mr. Khan): Yes. I am Mr. Khan. May I know your purpose. please?

Mr. Robin: Yesterday, I saw an advertisement about renting your flat.
Mr. Khan: Yes. that’s in the second floor.

Mr. Robin: Would you please give me some other information.
Mr. Khan: Of course. What do you want to know?

Mr. Robin: Can I have an idea about the flat.
Mr. Khan: It is south facing. There are two bed rooms, one living room and one dining room. There are two bath rooms, one spacious veranda and one well decorated kitchen. Would yu please tell me about your profession and family?

Mr. Robin: I am a Government Employee. There are five members in my family.
Mr. Khan: Do you want to know anything more?

Mr. Robin: May I know the rent?
Mr. Khan: Yes, it is eight thousand taka per month.

Mr. Robin: Will the bills be included?
Mr. Khan: Oh, no you will have to pay the water, electricity and gas bills.

Mr. Robin: What is the system of paying the rent.
Mr. Khan: You will have to pay fifteen thousand taka in advance and the rent will have to be paid within the seventh of the next month.

Mr. Robin: May I have a look at your flat.
Mr. Khan: Sure.

Mr.Robin: Oh, this will serve my purpose I will come tomorrow for making contract.
Mr. Khan: All right. You are most welcome.

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