There are many professions in our society. We should not choose our professions whimsically. Professions should be chosen according to one’s tastes, aptitudes and capacities. The profession of teaching fascinates me most. So, I want to be a teacher. Of course, this is not without any logic.

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Teaching is the most dignified profession in advanced societies. It is also one of the oldest professions in the world. The great men of the world like Socrates and Plato were teachers. There are more opportunities ih teaching profession to carry on studying than in any other professions. I am very fond of studying relentlessly as it gives me much satisfaction and broadens my outlook. A teacher can ‘lead a simple and honest life. Apart from these factors, a teacher can influence others and contribute a lot to the advancement of his motherland. Considering all these things, I have come to the conclusion to take the profession of teaching.

A teacher is in a better position to serve the humanity. He is the architect of a nation. Without education no nation can make progress. It is the teachers who make the nation educated. In this way, I shall be able to serve the illiterate humanity by giving them the light of education.

Teachers are held in high esteem in society. He is enlightened and honest as a result of which he is followed by others. By dint of his wisdom and honesty, he can easily influence others. Socrates and Plato exerted a great influence on Greek society.

Man cannot live by bread alone. He is in need of mental food. Teachers have to struggle to keep his body and soul together. But at the same time, they are the respected souls. Many wealthy persons have gone into oblivion. But many educated teachers are still remembered. So, this dignified profession will give me satisfaction and enjoyment in the days to come.

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