You are Robin. You came to abroad. You're in a hotel and asked for a single room, but the receptionist offers you an alternative. Write a dialogue between yourself and the receptionist.

Dialogue: A dialogue between myself (Robin) and the receptionist:

Robin: Good morning?
Receptionist: Good morning, sir? How can I help you?

Robin: Have you any room vacant?
Receptionist: Yes, sir. Double or single?

Robin: I want a single room.
Receptionist: We have a single room on second floor.

Robin: Oh, but I wanted to have one on the ground floor, or on the first floor.
Receptionist: Let me see if I can... I'm sorry, sir. There's no single room vacant at the moment either on the ground or on the first floor. But I wonder if you could wait till the checkout time, I'll have two vacancies then. Could I book one of the rooms for you in advance, sir?

Robin: Yes, I don't mind waiting for an hour or so. What's your check-out time?
Receptionist: It's 12 noon, and it's already a quarter past eleven. So you'll have to wait for less than an hour, sir.

Robin: How come? My watch shows ten minutes to eleven! That means there's more than an hour to go. I'm not going to wait...
Receptionist: I'm afraid your watch is little too slow, sir. My watch makes 11:20 now. I had set the time only a few minutes before you came.

Robin: Oh, dear. there's something wrong with my watch. You're right. I'll wait for sometime.
Receptionist: Thank you, sir. Would you take a seat, on the sofa over there?

Robin: Oh, but I don't know anything about the facilities you provide here.
Receptionist: Don't worry about that, sir. Here's a brochure giving all information about the hotel. On page ten, you'll find everything about the rooms.

Robin: Thank you very much.
Receptionist: You are most welcome.

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