Write a dialogue between a student and a teacher about methodologies of learning proper English.

Dialogue between a students (Lina) and a teacher about the mythologies of learning proper English.

Lina: May I come in, sir?
Teacher: Yes, what is your problem, my boy?

Lina: Thank you, sir. I would like to develop my command over English. Please give me some instructions.
Teacher: OK. Now listen, English is a skill based subject. You should develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Lina: How can I develop these four skills, sir?
Teacher: You should talk to your friends in English. Your spoken English depends on your constant practice of speaking with every one you happen to meet. You should read English books and newspapers, you should watch English movie and news on TV and the radio and above all you should write your thought in English.

Lina: It won't be a problem, sir.
Teacher: Remember, you need to enrich your stock of words.

Lina: Sir, do I need to learn grammar?
Teacher: Sure.

Lina: Sir, why do we need to read grammar?
Teacher: This is because grammar teaches us the rules of a language.

Lina: What should be the best process of writing skills?
Teacher: You should write on various topics and produce your own thematic writing. Write new words a repeatedly in framing sentences.

Lina: OK sir. I'll study accordingly.
Teacher: Thank you very much.
Lina: Welcome, sir.

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