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To succeed in life we must have some good qualities in us. These are ability, determination, sincerity and willingness to work hard. Any shortcoming of the above virtues will spoil our aims and objects of life. So, to attain success in life we should cultivate the above good qualities in us.

Our life is a prolonged test examination. Success in this examination absolutely depends on hard work. By dint of hard work we can overcome all the impediments and hindrances on our way to success. To succeed in life strong determination is of great importance because strong determination inspires us to work hard.

Again success in life depends on how we make the best use of our time, energy and money. Time is the most valuable factor in our life. Without making the best use of time, we will not be able to complete our works in our short span of life. Time once lost is lost forever. Energy is the life force behind all endeavours. It is fugitive like time and money. So, when we are in possession of it, we should make the best use of it. Money is another vital factor in achieving success in life. To execute any scheme of life we need money. Today we may have money but the day after tomorrow we may not have it.

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So, definite planning for using money to attain the cherished goal is highly necessary. Anything contrary to it will lead us to the path of sorrows and sufferings. If we succeed in life, we will be happy. Our parents, relatives and friends will be happy and also feel proud of us.

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