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You might have heard the name of Shahid Titumir. He was a national hero. He was born in the district of 24 Paragonas of undivided Bengal. Then the British were the rulers of this country. At that time the Muslims of Bengal were very poor. They had lost the spirit of independence. The English were very cruel. They oppressed the poor peasants of Bengal.

Titumir loved his country. He loved the poor people, also. He wanted to fight for freedom. Titumir visited holy Mecca. Returning home, he tried to raise the Islamic spirit in the mind of the sleeping people. He tried to bring unity among them. within a short time, he had a large number of followers. He decided to raise an army and fight against the English. He built a strong Bamboo Fort.

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The English ruler heard about Titumir. They sent a police force against him. He defeated the police force in a great battle. Then the English ruler sent a regular army from Calcutta. A terrible battle took place outside the Bamboo Fort. Titumir’s peasant army could not stand before the English army. They were defeated. Titumir and his followers died for the freedom of their motherland. (200 words).

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