Composition: The Game I Like Most

Games and sports are helpful for sound health. I often play cricket, football, table tennis, etc. Among them football is the most favourite to me. It thrills not only the players but also the spectators. So, it is my most favourite game.

Football is an outdoor game. It is a very exciting game of 90 minutes. There is a break after 45 minutes. It is not a costly and time-killing game. The game of football needs a field and two bar posts. Cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis are very costly and time-killing games. In this respect,
football is more exciting and enjoyable.

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The game of football requires a field of about 120 yards long and 80 yards wide and two goal posts at each end. Two teams play this game. And each consists of eleven players. Football is played by kicking the ball with foot. During the game, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands. The players can also head the ball.

The referee with two linesmen conducts the game. Everything is supervised by the referee when the
game is played. Any of the player who does anything against the rule of football is given penalty. In this game, the team which scores more goals wins the match.

Football is a game of great interest and enjoyment. It makes the limbs or the body orderly and helps proper blood circulation. It keeps the players fit and active. It also teaches the qualities of leadership. It makes players prompt, cautious, strong and hardy. It teaches us discipline, team spirit and unity.

Sometimes the players may be injured or wounded. There remain sufficient arrangements for first aid in the field. Football is my favourite game because it has charm and excitement. It is an interesting and exciting game. It makes me cheerful when I watch it. Really, it is the game which I like most.

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