Am/ Is/ Are + Supposed + to Do

Rule-01: Subject + am/ is/ are + supposed + to + verb + extension.
  • Momika is supposed to go to new market today.
  • I am supposed to come here at 4.00 p.m.
  • We are supposed to sit for the mid-test today.
  • Lina is supposed to buy the book, 'Angi Bina'.

Rule-02 (For Negative Sentence): Subject + ain't/ isn't/ aren't + supposed to + verb + extension.
  • Lamiya isn't supposed to take a class now.
  • Sonia isn't supposed to sleep in the morning.
  • They aren't supposed to appear at the mid-test today.
  • I ain't supposed to pass this examination.
  • Mr. Kamal isn't to go home every week.

Rule-03: Am/ Is/ Are Or, Ain't/ Isn't/ Aren't + subject + supposed + to + verb + extension + ?
  • Is Sumon supposed to read every morning?
  • Isn't Jahid supposed to go to office today?
  • Are they supposed to plough the land?
  • Am I supposed to pass in the exam?
  • Aren't you supposed to sleep at night?
  • Aren't you supposed to study?
  • Ain't I supposed to meet you?
  • Aren't they supposed to write the story?

Rule-04 (WH Question): WH Word + Rule-03
  • Why are you supposed to get up early in the morning?
  • Where are they supposed to go daily?
  • How many letters are you supposed to write in the examination?
  • Which book are they supposed to follow?
  • whose book aren't you supposed to read?
  • For what are you supposed to read the holy Quran more and more?
  • When are you supposed to go to coaching
  • Whom (who) are you supposed to teach?
  • Who (Whom) is supposed to come late today?

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