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Seen Comprehension 03

Seen Comprehension about Government Employees

Read the following passage and answer the questions.In Bangladesh the retirement age for government employees is 57 years and for university teachers 65 years. In the United Nations the retirement age is 65 years. But this does not mean
that after this age People suddenly become useless and unfit to work. These people are an asset to society with knowledge that only experience can bring and need to feel useful and want in society.

In the developed countries social security is provided by the government in the form of post retirement and old age benefits, so that these people get free medical facilities and can also be economically independent. In Bangladesh, government employees are granted a pension and there are a few facilities at the government hospitals for the old but these are hardly enough. Besides, the majority of our female population docs not belong to the working class.

They are housewives and are not eligible for any pension or gratuity. According to the National Bureau or statistics, about 6% of the Population or Bangladesh arc aged people which came to about 13.3 Million people in 2000. This includes male and female elderly people both from the villages and towns. These people have served their nation and their families through the years. In their old age, it is their right to expect serviced from just in return. Their physical health had started deteriorating and they need as much care and consideration as possible.

The government still docs not have any system to meet the health and economic needs of this large population. we ourselves however must ensure that the elderly among us are respected and cared for. After all, can we forget that we ourselves are going to grow old one day?

1. Write short answers to the following questions.

a) When does a government employee retire in Bangladesh?
Answer: A government employee in Bangladesh retires at the age of 57 years.

b) What is the retirement age limit in the United Nations?
Answer: The retirement age limit in the United Nations is 65 years.

c) Why are the retired people considered an asset?
Answer: The retired people are considered an asset because their knowledge and experience are useful in the society.

d) Who do not belong to the working class?
Answer: The majority or our female population do not belong to the working class.

e) What can't we forget?
Answer: We can’t forget that we ourselves are going to grow old one day.

2. Fill in the gaps with suitable words.

In the developed countries the government (a) ____ social security, free medical facilities and other benefits to the retired old people. But in our country the facilities (b) ____ to the retired persons are not (c) ____ . They only enjoy a (d) ____ and a little medical (e) ____ .

Answer: (a) provide (b) given (c) sufficient (d) pension (e) facilities


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