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M. Phil./ Ph. D. Degree under National University, Bangladesh

M. Phil./Ph.D. Programme

National University, Bangladesh

Academic Groups and their related disciplines:

Academic Groups
Related Disciplines
Bengali, English, Philosophy, History, Islamic History and Culture, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Pali and Sanskrit
Social Science
Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Public Administration, and Home Economics
Natural Science
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
Life and Earth Science
Zoology, Botany, Psychology, Geography, Soil Science
Business Studies
Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Banking

Eligibility for Admission and Fellowship:

The programme starts in January and generally advertisement for admission is circulated during September-November. Persons below 40 years of age and having excellent result in Graduation and Post Graduation degrees can apply for this programme. However, only teachers of the affiliated colleges are eligible for getting fellowship.

Duration of the Programme:

The duration for M.Phil. degree is 2 years, which includes one year course work at the beginning and dissertation work at the end. The duration for Ph.D. degree is 3 years. Candidates having M.Phil./ M.S. degree are eligible to be enrolled in Ph. D. course and they are exempted from undergoing coursework. But, Ph. D. fellows who do not have M.Phil./M.S. degree must complete a one year course work at the beginning.

Coursework and Thesis Supervision:

The coursework is of one year duration and the research fellows are required to appear at an examination of 300 marks (written-200 and viva voce-100) at the end of the year. Successful candidates are allowed to go for dissertation work. Senior faculty members of National University and scholars from other public universities and research institutions act as resource persons for coursework and for supervision of dissertation work. Research fellows have the liberty to choose supervisor for their research work from public universities and research institutions approved by the National University.



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