Four Skills: Listening,Speaking, Reading & Writing

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four skills which should be developed separately by a person wishing to bring about full command over a language. But, in Bangladesh, the courses followed in different levels put emphasis on ‘writing' and ‘reading’, whereas ‘speaking' and listening' do not receive even a minimum focus.

Of course, everybody knows that every language is basically spoken. If one cannot produce sentences verbally, it is known that his/ her language learning has not been completed. It is true that all the prescribed texts contain instructions encouraging the students to hold conversation in English on a wide variety of topics. But the interesting fact is that the students need not face any test which can fathom their ability to speak or listen. So, the absence of test or evaluating verbal competence is thus directly responsible for poor speaking and listening skills of the students.

But in our practical life the importance of good working knowledge is not unknown to us. So, in this context the government has introduced the communicative process in which all these four skills will get equal importance or emphasis. Distribution of marks has been made judiciously so that the plan undertaken can be fully realized and successful.

Moreover with this end in view, the teachers are being specially trained. It is hoped that in course of time we will get a nation having a good command over this language.

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