Specialty Areas: Management Studies (HRM, IM)-MGT, Accounting & Information Systems (AIS), Marketing (MKT) and Finance & Banking (F&B).

Admission Requirements and the Application Procedure: A bachelor degree or its equivalent in any field is the minimum educational requirement. The minimum qualifying points for being eligible to apply is 6 (six) calculated on the basis of following criteria with no more than one third division / class in any public examination:

  • SSC & HSC: 1st Division= 3, 2nd Division= 2, 3rd Division= 1, GPA 4 & above = 3, GPA 3.00 – 3.99 = 2 and GPA Below 3.00= 1; Bachelor Degree (2 years): 1st Class/ CGPA 3.5 & above= 3, 2nd Class/ 3.00 - 3.49=2 & 3rd Class/ Below 3.00= 1;
  • Bachelor Degree (3 years): 1st Class / CGPA 3.5 & above= 4, 2nd Class/ 3.00 - 3.49=3 & 3rd Class/ Below 3.00=2;
  • Bachelor Degree (4 years): 1st Class/ CGPA 3.5 & above= 5, 2nd Class/ 3.00 - 3.49=4 & 3rd Class/ Below 3.00= 2; and Post Graduate (Master) Degree= 1.

Important Dates:
Last Date for Application: March 16, 2016 (Wednesday)
Admission Test: March 18, 2016 (Friday)
Class Start: April 07, 2016 (Thursday)

The application form can be downloaded from the university website ( or collected from Janata Bank, Comilla University Branch or Kandirpar Branch, Comilla and the form must be submitted along with 4 copies of pp size photographs, attested copies of all certificates, mark sheets/ transcripts, relevant job certificates (if employed), national ID photocopy and a bank draft issued from any branch of Janata Bank or cash of Tk. 1000 payable to 'FBMS-CoU' Janata Bank, Comilla University to Janata Bank, Comilla University or Kandirpar Branch, Comilla.

The program is conducted on weekend (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) for the convenient of the students.

Special Features:

  • Anyone can complete the program within two to four years in the trimester system;
  • Scholarship is available for meritorious students;
  • Transport facilities from Kandirpur, Paduar Bazar & Cantonment, Comilla to Campus and again from Campus to Kandirpur, Paduar Bazar & Cantonment, Comilla;
  • Decorated Air Conditioned (AC) class rooms with modern multimedia facilities;
  • Furnished seminar library with all necessary books; and
  • 20% and 10% tuition fee waiver for the graduate & post graduate students passed from Comilla University, and officials of the same university respectively.

Contact Details: Program Directors, Department of Management Studies (MGT)-01915749957, Department of Accounting & Information Systems (AIS)-01718171581, Department of Marketing (MKT)-01712561508 and Department of Finance & Banking (F & B)-01737004919.


Application Form:

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