Bangladesh Cadet College History

The system of cadet college was first introduced in Germany in the era of Bismarck. Napoleon Bonaparte introduced this in France. Military and Royal aristocrats would send their children or wards to those cadet colleges for education and a career in the Royal Army. After partition in 1947 the new state of Pakistan, consisting of East and West Pakistan, the system was introduced by the then President of Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan. The first cadet college was built in West Pakistan near Hasan Abdal town of Attock district of Punjab province in the year 1954. Faujdarhat Cadet College in Chittagong District was founded in 1958.

Cadet College AG's Branch
AG's Branch
Army HeadQuarter
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone No. +880 1756686960

Faujdarhat Cadet College
Location: Chittagong
Established: 1958
Website: www.fcc.army.mil.bd

Jhenaidah Cadet College
Location: Jhenaidah
Established: 1963
Website: www.jcc.army.mil.bd

Mirzapur Cadet College
Location: Mirzapur, Tangail
Established: 1965
Website: www.mcc.army.mil.bd

Rajshahi Cadet College
Location: Sardah, Rajshahi
Established: 1965
Website: www.rcc.army.mil.bd

Sylhet Cadet College
Location: Sylhet
Established: 1978
Website: www.scc.army.mil.bd

Rangpur Cadet College
Location: Alamnagar, Rangpur
Established: 1979
Website: www.ccr.army.mil.bd

Barisal Cadet College
Location: Rahmatpur, Barisal
Established: 1981
Website: www.bcc.army.mil.bd

Pabna Cadet College
Location: Pabna
Established: 1982
Website: www.bcc.army.mil.bd

Mymensingh Girls Cadet College
Location: Mymensingh Town, Mymensingh
Established: 1983
Website: www.mgcc.army.mil.bd

Comilla Cadet College
Location: Kotbari, Comilla
Established: 1983
Website: www.ccc.army.mil.bd

Image Credit: Comilla Cadet College

Feni Girls Cadet College
Location: Feni
Established: 2006
Website: www.fgcc.army.mil.bd

Joypurhat Girls Cadet College
Location: Joypurhat
Established: 2006
Website: www.jgcc.army.mil.bd

Info source: wwww.cadetcollege.army.mil.bd

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