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Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Degree under BOU

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Degree under Bangladesh Open University

Open school is one of the largest schools among six schools of BOU in terms of the number of student's enrollment. Any person has the opportunity to be admitted irrespective of his/her age, gender, disability and profession in any program of the school. Currently, the school is offering the "Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)" programs prevailing in the Country. This school initiated Business Studies program has been emerged from the 2005-2006 session.

Mission of the School:
The mission of the school is to make the nation free from the curse of illiteracy and create an educated and skilled manpower.

Formal Programs: Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Number of the Students in BBS (2010):

Program Year BBS Male Female Total 2010 296 86 382
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Program:

Write a dialogue between yourself and the receptionist

You are Robin. You came to abroad. You're in a hotel and asked for a single room, but the receptionist offers you an alternative. Write a dialogue between yourself and the receptionist.

Dialogue: A dialogue between myself (Robin) and the receptionist:Robin: Good morning?
Receptionist: Good morning, sir? How can I help you?

Robin: Have you any room vacant?
Receptionist: Yes, sir. Double or single?

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Robin: I want a single room.
Receptionist: We have a single room on second floor.

Robin: Oh, but I wanted to have one on the ground floor, or on the first floor.
Receptionist: Let me see if I can... I'm sorry, sir. There's no single room vacant at the moment either on the ground or on the first floor. But I wonder if you could wait till the checkout time, I'll have two vacancies then. Could I book one of the rooms for you in advance, sir?

Robin: Yes, I don't mind waiting for an hour or so. What's your ch…

Write a dialogue between a student and a teacher about methodologies of learning proper

Write a dialogue between a student and a teacher about methodologies of learning proper English.
Dialogue between a students (Lina) and a teacher about the mythologies of learning proper English.Lina: May I come in, sir?
Teacher: Yes, what is your problem, my boy?

Lina: Thank you, sir. I would like to develop my command over English. Please give me some instructions.
Teacher: OK. Now listen, English is a skill based subject. You should develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Lina: How can I develop these four skills, sir?
Teacher: You should talk to your friends in English. Your spoken English depends on your constant practice of speaking with every one you happen to meet. You should read English books and newspapers, you should watch English movie and news on TV and the radio and above all you should write your thought in English.

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Lina: It won't be a problem, sir.
Teacher: Remember, you need to…

NU Degree Pass & Certificate Course Exam-2014 (According to Old Syllabus) Routine

National University, Bangladesh Degree Pass & Certificate Course Exam-2014 (According to Old Syllabus) Routine

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Write a composition about the importance of travelling.THE IMPORTANCE OF TRAVELLINGTravelling means going from one place to another or from one country to another. It is a part of education. There is a wise saying that home keeping youths have ever homely wits. It means that a man, who passes his life in one place and never leaves his home or native place to visit other places or countries, lacks wider outlook.

From time immemorial, man has a great thirst for knowledge. He always wants to see the unseen and know the unknown. A man has indomitable spirit to explore the region of knowledge which is beyond his reach. History tells us that man is eager to quench his thirst for knowledge by travelling.

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Thus man wants to go out and see great cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, deserts etc. He also wants to know different nations, their manners, customs, and religion. Again today, he may want to do business with people of other countries. Sometimes, h…

The Game I Like Most

Composition: The Game I Like MostGames and sports are helpful for sound health. I often play cricket, football, table tennis, etc. Among them football is the most favourite to me. It thrills not only the players but also the spectators. So, it is my most favourite game.

Football is an outdoor game. It is a very exciting game of 90 minutes. There is a break after 45 minutes. It is not a costly and time-killing game. The game of football needs a field and two bar posts. Cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis are very costly and time-killing games. In this respect,
football is more exciting and enjoyable.

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The game of football requires a field of about 120 yards long and 80 yards wide and two goal posts at each end. Two teams play this game. And each consists of eleven players. Football is played by kicking the ball with foot. During the game, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands. The players can also head the ball.

The referee with two linesmen conduc…

M. Phil./ Ph. D. Degree under National University, Bangladesh

M. Phil./Ph.D. Programme under National University, Bangladesh

Academic Groups and their related disciplines:

Academic Groups Related Disciplines Arts Bengali, English, Philosophy, History, Islamic History and Culture, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Pali and Sanskrit Social Science Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Public Administration, and Home Economics Natural Science Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics Life and Earth Science Zoology, Botany, Psychology, Geography, Soil Science Business Studies Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Banking
Eligibility for Admission and Fellowship:

The programme starts in January and generally advertisement for admission is circulated during September-November. Persons below 40 years of age and having excellent result in Graduation and Post Graduation degrees can apply for this programme. However, only teachers of the affiliated colleges are eligible for getting fellowship.

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Write a composition about FREEDOM OF PRESS.
FREEDOM OF PRESSFreedom of press means the freedom for publication of news In the newspapers and journals. When the reporters, journalists, editors, correspondents of a newspaper can publish their news and views for the interest of the people without fear or any threat from the govt or any person or any quarter, we can say that there Is freedom of press.

Freedom of press is very essential to build a democratic society and a democratic country. A real democratic society always ensures the freedom of press. A regimented society does not allow freedom of press. Freedom of press is necessary to build a corruption free, accountable and, transparent society. To establish harmony and peace, to ensure sustainable development, to protect the rights of people, to ensure social justice, to remove oppression, freedom of press can play a very vital role. Press is called the fourth pillar of the state.

But the autocratic rulers, powerful business magnates, …

Center List : NU LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015

National University Center List : LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015

Welcome to visit:NU LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015 Routine

NU LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015 Routine

National University, Bangladesh LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015 RoutineNU LLB (Part-1) Exam-2015 will be started March 11, 2016 and continue up to end April 22, 2016.

For details, please visit:

Published: 22 February, 2016

Welcome to visit:LLB Colleges under National University, Bangladesh

BOU Academic Programs

BOU : Bangladesh Open University BOU Academic Programs (Formal & Non-Formal)
Sl Name of the Schools Formal Academic Programs Non-Formal Programs Program Name Code 1 School of Education Master of Education (MEd) 02 Environmental Education (with SST) Bachelor of Education (BEd)