Suppose, You are Lina and Mina is you best friend. Now, write a dialogue between you and Mina about the proper use of time.

Dialogue: A dialogue between two friends (myself: Lina and my friend: Mina) about the proper use of time.

Lina: Hello Mina, how are you?
Mina: I'm not well.

Lina: Why! What happened?
Mina: My results of the HSC pre-test examination are not good.

Lina: What's the problem? Didn't you learn your lessons regularly?
Mina: No, I was not serious in using time properly and very often I wasted my valuable time on Facebook.

Lina: Oh, God, you are sure to fail in the HSC Examination.
Mina: Please tell me what I can do.

Lina: You must be sincere about your time. If you utilize of your time, you are sure to succeed.
Do you know about the benefits of using time properly?
Mina: Oh, no. I don't.

Lina: All the great men of the world had made the proper use of time. They were very sincere to it.
Mina: Then, what should I do now?

Lina: At first you have to know the rules of use of time properly. For this you must be sincere and leave the habit of Facebook chat. If you work hard, you must do well in the exam.
Mina: Okay. I'll try my best to use my time in a proper way from today onwards.

Lina: That's right.
Mina: Thank you my friend.
Lina: Welcome.

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