Had to Do

Rule-01: Subject + had to + verb + extension.
  • Lina had to remain sitting there.
  • They had to go to there on foot.
  • Mina had to cook rice by herself.
  • I had to starve for three days.
  • Robin had to go there alone.
  • Sonia had to wait there for an hour.

Rule-02: Subject + had not to + verb + extension. Or, Subject + didn't + have to + verb + extension.
  • Sabiha had not to answer the question. Or, Sabiha didn't have to answer the question.
  • I had not to cook yesterday. Or, I didn't have to cook yesterday.
  • Mr. Siddique had not to go home. Or, Mr. Siddique didn't have to go home.
  • Lina had not to stay anything. Or, Lina didn't have to stay anything.
  • I had not to do anything. Or, I didn't have to do anything.

Rule-03: Did/ Didn't + Subject + have to + verb + extension + ? Or, Had + Subject + to + verb + extension + ?
  • Did you have to go to Malibag to meet MP? Or, Had you to go to Malibag to meet MP? 
  • Didn't they have to go their village on foot? Or, Han't they to go their village on foot?

Rule-04 (WH Question): WH Word + Rule-03
  • When did you have to go to the river? Or, When had you to go to the river?
  • Why did I have to remain alone? Or, Why had I to remain alone?
  • Which book did they have to buy? Or, Which book had they to buy?
  • How did you have to go there? Or, How had you to go there?
  • Whose pen did you have to borrow? Or, Whose pen had you to borrow?

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