Have/ Has to Do

Rule-01: Subject + have/ has + to + verb + extension.
  • The teachers have to be honest.
  • They have to come to college campus at 10 O'clock today.
  • Lina has to go to Dhaka now.
  • Nazneen has to come here to-night.
  • If you want to pass in the exam, you have to study more and more.
  • If you want to go to abroad, you have to collect a visa.

Rule-02 (Yes/ No Question): Do/ Does + Subject + have to + verb + extension.
  • Do you have to go anywhere now?
  • Does Lina have to go America for treatment?
  • Do I have to be a banker?
  • Does Nazneen have to suffer for this?
  • Do we have to go there?

Rule-03 (WH Question): WH Word + Rule-02 (Do/ Does + Subject + have to + verb + extension.)
  • How Do I have to do the work?
  • When does Rima have to go to India for treatment?
  • Which book do I have to read to make a good result?
  • For whom does Robin have to wait?
  • Why doesn't she have to read this book?

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