Am/ Is/ Are + Used to Doing

Rule-01: Subject + am/ is/ are + used to + (verb+ing) + extension.
  • Robin is used to reading the holy Quran every morning.
  • I am used to walking every morning.
  • Line used to swimming in the river.
  • He is used to keeping up late..
  • Nazneen isn't used to sleeping in the morning.
  • They aren't used to swimming in the river.

Rule-02: Am/ Is/ Are + subject + used to + (verb+ing) + extension + ?
  • Is Lina used to reading?
  • Are they used to swimming in the river?
  • Am I used to playing card?

Rule-03: WH word + [Rule-02: Am/ Is/ Are + subject + used to + (verb+ing) + extension + ?]
  • When are you used to swimming?
  • How are you used to smoking?
  • Why isn't Line used to having coffee?
  • Which book are you used to reading?
  • Whose book aren't used to reading?

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