I Used to Do

Rule-01: Subject + used to + verb (v1) + extension.
  • Lina used to read the holy Quran every morning with sweet voice.
  • I used to study five hours at a stretch during my student life.
  • They used to go to sea beach every year.
  • She used to write me every Friday.
  • Nazneen used to sleep in the morning.

Rule-02: Subject + usedn't  + to + verb + extension. Or, Subject + didn't + use to + verb + extension.
  • I usedn't to smoke. Or, I didn't use to smoke.
  • She never used   to watch T.V. Or, She did never use to watch T.V.
  • Line usedn't to hear song before. Or, Line didn't use to hear song before.
  • They usedn't to sleep in the morning. Or, They didn't use to sleep in the morning.

Rule-03: Did + Subject + use to + verb + extension + ?
  • Did you use to swim in the morning?
  • Did your brother use to read newspaper regularly?
  • Didn't you use to smoke?
  • Didn't they use to watch T.V.

Rule-04: Subject + got  used to + (verb+ing) + extension.
  • Robin got used to sleeping chewing his finger.
  • Jaman got used to driving car to New York.
  • I got used to cooking my own food during my living in Dhaka.
  • Lina got used to having tea at 8 pm.

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