Need + Verb

Rule-01: Subject + need + verb + extension.
  • I need to go home tomorrow morning.
  • Nazneen needs to marry/ get married soon..
  • Robin needs to walk every morning.
  • I need to work hard to cut a good figure in the examination.
  • You need to buy the pen.

Rule-02 (For Negative Sentences): Subject + don't/ doesn't  + need to + verb + extension.
  • I don't need to go there.
  • They don't need to go to new market.
  • Nazneen doesn't need to go to the meeting.
  • You don't need to wait here.
  • Her doesn't need to talk with me.

Rule-03 (For Past Tense; won't use: needed not): Subject + didn't + need to + verb + extension.
  • I didn't need to buy the bag.
  • She didn't need to go there.
  • Nazneen didn't need to wait there.
  • You didn't need to go to the meeting.
  • They didn't need to write the application.

Rule-04: Subject + needn't + have + verb(past participle form) + extension.
  • You needn't have bought the book.
  • They needn't have waited there.
  • I needn't have written the application. 
  • You needn't have taken the medicine.
  • You needn't have gone there.

Rule-05: Do/ Does/ Did + Subject + need to + verb + extension.

  • Does Sonia need to take medicine?
  • Do I need to help you? 
  • Does Nazneen need to marry/ get married now?
  • Do we need to leave this place?
  • Does she need to write an application?

Rule-06 (For WH Question): WH + (Rule-05)

  • When does Sonia need to take medicine?
  • Why does he need to go there? 
  • Which book does Nazneen need to buy?
  • Why do we need to leave this place?
  • How do I need to read this book?

Rule-07: Subject + need + (verb+ing) + extension. Or, Subject + need to be + verb(past participle form) + extension.

  • My hair needs cutting today. / My hair needs to be cut today. 
  • My car needs repairing. / My car needs to be repaired.
  • The picture needs hanging on the wall. / The picture needs to be hung on the wall.

Rule-08: Subject + is + needed + to be + verb(past participle form). Or, Subject + is + to be + verb(past participle form).

  • Your shirt is needed to be changed. / Your shirt is to be changed.
  • Your decision is needed to be changed. / Your decision is to be changed.

Rule-09: Subject + need + only + verb. (v1) + extention.

  • You need only play.
  • You need only utter the words.
  • Sonia needs only leave this place.

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