Feel Like Doing

Rule-01: Subject + feel like + (Verb+ing) + extension.
  • I feel like eating now.
  • Nazneen feels like swimming in the pond now.
  • Robin feels like going to his village home now.
  • I feel like walking now.
  • Sonia feels like reading a book now.

Rule-02 (For Negative Sentences): Subject + don't/ doesn't  + feel like + (Verb+ing) + extension.
  • I don't feel like going to New York now.
  • Hasan doesn't feel like reading now.
  • Sonia doesn't feel like sleeping now.
  • We don't feel like playing card now.
  • They don't feel like gossiping now.

Rule-03 (Yes/ No Question): Do/ Does/ Don't/ Doesn't (as needed, according to verb & subject) + Subject + feel like + (Verb+ing) + extension + ?
  • Do you feel like taking rest?
  • Does he feel like swimming in the river now?
  • Do you feel like seeing your mother?
  • Do you feel like talking to him.
  • Don't you feel like talking to me?
  • Doesn't Sonia feel like eating now?

Rule-04 (For informational questions): WH word + Do/ Does/ Don't/ Doesn't (as needed, according to verb & subject) + Subject + feel like + (Verb+ing) + extension + ?
  • What do you feel like speaking?
  • What does he feel like knowing?
  • Why doesn't he feel like sleeping?
  • Which book do you feel like reading?
  • Whom do you feel like knowing about?
  • For what doesn't he feel like talking to me?
  • Whose pen does Nazneen feel like seeing?

Rule-05: Subject + feel like + Noun.

  • Sonia feels like tea now.
  • I feel like a rest.
  • Robin feels like a meal now.
  • She doesn't feel like a drink now.
  • He doesn't feel like milk now.

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