I Would Like to Do

Rule-01: Subject + would like to + V1 + extension.
  • I'd ( 'd would ) like to talk to you this evening.
  • She'd like to borrow your bag.
  • Robin'd like to meet Mr. Milton Sir.
  • I'm would like to have a talk to you.
  • Sonia'd like to meet you next week.

Rule-02: Would + Subject + like to + V1 + extension + ?
  • Would you like to go by rickshaw?
  • Would Robin like to earn with you?
  • Would Sonia like to go to market with Nazneen.

Rule-03: Wouldn't + Subject + like to + V1 + extension + ?
  • Wouldn't you like to go with me?
  • Wouldn't Robin like to talk to you?
  • Wouldn't Sonia like to go with Nazneen.

Rule-04 (For informational questions): WH word (Who/ Whom/ What/ Which/ Where/ When/ How ...) + would + Subject + like to + V1 + extension + ?
  • When'd you like to meet me?
  • Where would you like to gossip?
  • Who would like to help you?
  • Why would they like to go abroad?
  • How would you like to help you?
  • Which book would Nazneen like to read?

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