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41. An Honest Farmer

There lived a poor but honest farmer in a village. With the small income of his few acres of land, he used to support himself, his wife and seven children. One day while walking through the fields, he was thinking that he could earn some more. Suddenly he saw a purse lying beside the field. He picked up the purse and found that it was full of gold coins. He thought a rich person must have dropped it while passing through there. He carried it home and showed it to his wife. His wife advised him to keep the gold coins for themselves. The farmer told his wife that he believed "honesty is the best policy" and would return the purse to the person it belonged. Saying so he went off to look for the owner of the purse.

42. Dr Kudrat-e-Khuda

Dr Kudrat-e-Khuda was born in West Bengal in 1900. He was very meritorious from his boyhood. He stood 1st in the MSc Examination in Calcutta University. lie got the Premchand Roychand Scholarship for his research. lie joined Presidency College of Calcutta as a teacher in 1931. He got the DSc degree from London University, lie became the 1st director of Eastern Science Research in 1955. lie was awarded honourable doctorate degree from the Dhaka University. He was awarded ‘Ekushe Padak’ by the Bangladesh Government in 1976. He died in 1977.

43. Arnartya Sen

Arnartya Sen, a great economist, was born in Dhaka in November, 1933. His parents ere Ashutosh Sen and Amita Sen. At first he was admitted to St Gregory School in Dhaka. Then he had his education from Santiniketan and next in Presidency College a and finally at Cambridge. Finally, he became the master of Trinity College, Cambridge in l977. India, he became the Head of Economics Department of Jadavpur University. Later he taught at Delhi University and next in London School of Economics at Oxford. He it many books on welfare economics of which 'Economic Inequality and Poverty and Famines' is famous. He is the founder of Welfare Economics which touches the lives of the poorest people of the society. He was the first Asian winner of Nobel Prize in Economics awarded in 1998. Mr Sen had made us proud.

44. A Gentleman

He was a gentleman. He stopped in front of the farmer and got off the horse. "I see you’ve had a mishap, friend," said the nobleman. "Fortunately, I have come along just now, for it is difficult to find help in a place like this." Then he took one end of the sack and asked the farmer to take the other end. Together they lifted the sack and placed it once again on the horse’s back. The farmer took off his cap and said, My lord, how can I thank you?" "You can do that easily friend" replied the nobleman. Whenever you see somebody’ in difficulty do your best to help him, and that will be thanking me.” The noble man was more than a person on title.

45. Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe was the greatest of Shakespeare’s predecessors. He was born in 1564, two months before Shakespeare, in the Town of Canterbury. He was the son of a poor shoemaker. Through the kindness of a patron, he was educated at the Town Grammar School and then at the University of Cambridge. He graduated at the age of 19, and then went to London where he became an actor living in low town atmosphere of excess poverty and wretchedness. In 1587 at the age of 23, he produced his first play 'Tamburlaine' which brought him instant recognition. In five years, while Shakespeare was serving apprenticeship. Marlowe produced all his great works. He may be regarded as the true founder of drama. Thereafter, although he led a wretched life, he remained loyal to a high literary purpose. Then he was stabbed in a drunken fight and died wretchedly.

46. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was among the greatest Presidents of the United States of America. Lincoln was born in 1809. He rose from a humble origin. As a man he was simple and kind. During the time when he was the President of America, a civil war took place. There were many Negro slaves in America in those days. The civil war occurred over the question of slavery. It began in 1861 and continued for more than four years. Lincoln was in favour of the slaves. Lincoln became great by dint of his own efforts and perseverance.

47. William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth, a romantic poet, was born in April, 1770 at Cockermouth, Cumberland. He was educated at Howkshead Grammar School and St John’s College, Cambridge. He became a friend of ST Coleridge who was his contemporary. Wordsworth began his literary life with Coleridge and his sister Dorothy. They jointly published ‘Lyrical Ballads’ in 1798. He was given a job in the civil service in 1813. FIe went to France and lived there for a year. The later part of his life was prosperous and peaceful. He also received honorary degrees from Durham and Oxford University in 1833 and 1839 respectively. After 1810, his literary life marked the beginning of a decline and he died on April 23, 1850, at the age of eighty.

48. A Thirsty Crow

A crow was very thirsty and wanted to drink water. He flew from one place to another in search of water and at last found a jar in a garden. There was some water in the jar hut it was too low down and out of his reach. The crow tried to turn the jar over and over again but it had no effect. As he was leaving the jar in despair, he noticed a heap of pebbles nearby. He hit upon a plan then and took some pebbles. Then he dropped the pebbles into the jar. As each pebble went down. the water in the jar rose up little by little. When the water came to the mouth of the jar, the crow drank it. Then he flew away.

49. Bassanio and Antonio

The city of Venice was once rich. It was powerful too. Its riches came from trade with other countries. For this reason the chief citizens of Venice were rich merchants. Among the richest of them was Antonio. He was famous for his honesty and kindness. Antonio had a close friend named Bassanio. Bassanio was young and handsome, born in a noble family and liked to live in a grand style. But he was always in need of money. Whenever he needed money he would go to his friend, Antonio.

50. Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe was born in York, England in 1632 AD. His father was a foreigner. He first settled in Hull, a port city in the eastern coast of England. His father was then a young merchant. He ran his own business successfully, lie became quite a wealthy man. Robinson Crusoe was the youngest of his parent’s three sons. The second son disappeared from home. The eldest son joined the army against his father’s wish. Crusoe went on a trip to London with his friend, the son of a captain of a ship in 1651.

51. A country mouse & A town mouse

A country mouse lived in a field of barley. He made a nest and hung it upon two stalks of barley. The nest was very small and very light. The country mouse ate barley and the roots of other plants. A mouse from the town came to see the country mouse. His home was in a big house in the town. The town mouse was very quick and clever. The country mouse gave the town mouse dinner in the barley field. He brought out the very best barley and roots for the meal. But the town mouse did not enjoy his dinner.

52. A Queen

Once upon a time a queen sat sewing at a window. Snow was falling and some flakes landed on the window’s ebony frame Suddenly the queen pricked her finger with her needle. And three drops of blood fell upon the snow. She said to herself, “If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, as black as ebony. ‘Soon afterwards the queen had a daughter called Snow White, with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. When she was born, the queen died. After a year, the king married again. Everyday the queen used to ask her magic mirror, ‘Mirror. Mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?” And the mirror would reply, “You are a queen.”

53. Real Life

We cannot live a day without our fellowmen. We are always in need of the assistance of all around us. From the moment we are born, we cannot live alone. As children, we need our parents to take care of us. As we grow up. we need the care of others. We must have books that teach us our trade. We require teacher to educate us. We need clothes which other men make. We need houses, which other men must build, and food which other men must produce. And last hut not least. we need friends to comfort us in sorrow and joy.

54. Dr Mohammad Shahidullah

The world is full of great men. They have come to different places of this world. Dr Mohammad Shahidullah was one of those who contributed a lot towards the Bangla Language and Literature. He was the greatest Scholar of Bengal. This great scholar was born on 10 July, 1885. He passed the Entrance Examination in 1904. After that he completed his BA, MA and BL respectively. He was awarded the Doctorate Degree from Sorborne University of Paris in 1928. He then joined the University of Dhaka as a professor of Sanskrit and Bangla. It is "Bangla Shahitter Katha" that is the first well- arranged history of Bangla literature.

55. A Beautiful Girl (Snow White)

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl. Her name was Snow White. She was so beautiful that her step mother became jealous of her. Snow White’s step mother ordered her huntsman to kill her. The huntsman saved her life out of mercy. She again plotted to kill her. The wicked woman tried to kill her by wrapping her with laces. But the seven dwarf brothers saved her life. The wicked woman made her eat a poisonous apple. Snow White fell dead as soon as she ate the poisonous apple.

56. Martain Luther King

Martain Luther King was a great leader in the history of the freedom of the Negro Nation. He was born on 15 January. 1929 in the Atlanta city. As a student Luther king was very brilliant. He obtained his Doctorate Degree from Boston University. Towards the end of his university life, he married an extra-ordinary learned woman called Corate Scot. After marriage he worked as a clergyman in the Baptist Church of Albama. He was imprisoned for his movement against the colour difference. He was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for leading the racial problem of America in a non-violent and peaceful way. He donated all his money for the development of the Negro Nation. He as shot dead in 1966 when he was only 37 years old.

57. A Journey by Air

A Journey by Air

Masum felt a little bit nervous, It was his first journey by plane. Masum, Neela and Becky were sitting in row 9. Masum looked quickly and tried to have a glimpse of Neela and Becky. Both of them looked calm and relaxed but Masum felt his tension rising. The captain announced that he would be soon starting. Masum clenched his fists. After a pause the plane started taxiing. Then slowly it began to race down the runway and after a while with a jerk, it took off. Masum looked down from his window and saw buildings. people and trees looking like miniatures.

58. Geneva

Geneva lies at the west end of Lake Geneva which is sixty-five kilometers long. In summer the lake is a nice place for swimming and sailing. There are many restaurants where you can have fresh fish. Mountains rise on all sides. Mount Blanc, the tallest peak in Western Europe. is visible from all parts of the city. Geneva is not a big city. It has an area of only fourteen square kilometers. You can walk across it from end to end in about an hour, But Geneva is internationally important. Many meetings and conferences take place in Geneva.

59. Edmund Hillary

Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and his companion Tenzing Torkay from Nepal led an expedition in 1953. The expedition set out on March 10, 1953. As the climbers were going up, they set up camps at different places. They left some of their men and supplies in those camps. The highest camp was set up at 27000 feet. Only Hillary and Tenzing reached that height. But the top was still 2000 feet away. They went up and up. After two months’ of difficult and dangerous climbing, they succeeded in reaching the top on May 10, 1953. They must have felt excited when they stood there.

60. Akbar

Akbar was born in 1542 at Amarkoat in Sind. His full name was Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar. He was the grandson of Babur. He had no much education. When he was born, his father Humayun lost the throne of Delhi. He ascended the throne of Delhi at the age of thirteen. lie was skilled in warfare. The battle of Second Panipath took place in 156 and he won the battle. It was the greatest victory in his life. He ruled over about 50 years in India.

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