Suppose, you have no common room for the students to spend your off time usefully in reading books and periodicals. Now, write an application to your Principal to open a common room in your college.

30th December, 2016
The Principal,
Govt. A College,

Subject: Prayer for opening a common room.

We beg to draw your kind attention to the fact that, our college is one of the biggest college in Dhaka. This was established 90 years ago. But an iron of fate that there is no common room in our college for the students to spend our off time usefully, in reading books and periodicals. We often spend our recess period and off time either in loitering about or in idle gossips. As a result other classes are disturbed. The opening of a common room, would surely form our reading habit and stimalate out thirst of knowledge.

In the circumstances stated above, we pray and hope that you would be kind enough to open a common room in our college at an early date.

We remain,
Yours obediently,
On behalf of the students of your college.

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