: "The science of the first principles of civil law." - Salmond

: "A philosophy of positive laws." - John Austin

: "The scientific synthesis of the essential principles of law." - Prof. Allen

: "The formal science of positive Law." - Prof. Holland

: "The observation of things human and divine, the knowledge of just and unjust." - Ulpion

: "The study and systematic arrangement of the general principles of law." - Keeton

: "The science of law, using the term law in the juridical sense, as denoting the body of principles recognized or enforced by public and regular tribunal in the administration of justice." - Pound

: "The term is wrongly applied to actual systems of law, or to current views of law, or to suggestions for its amendment, but is the name of a science. This science is a formal, or analytical, rather than a material, one. It is the science of actual or positive law. It is wrongly divided into 'general' and 'particular' or into 'philosophical' and 'historical'. It may therefore be defined as the formal science of positive law." - The Law Dictionary

: "Study of the principles and theories on which a legal system is founded, as opposed to study of the legal system itself." - BusinessDictionary.com

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