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SSC Exam - 2016 English 2nd Paper Suggestion for Table (Ques. No - 3)

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam - 2016
Suggestion: English 2nd Paper for Table (Ques. No - 3)
(For All Education Board in Bangladesh)

We have added Table (Ques. No - 3) according to solution. We hope that if you study its, will be helpful for you to answer the question (Ques. No - 3).

01. Food
a. No living beings can live without food.
b. But all foods are not safe for us.
c. The foods we eat have a great effect on our health.
d. About 80% of our illness are related to the foods we eat.
e. The scientists have taken enormous steps in preparing food.

02. Paper
a. Paper is the most useful gift of human skill.
b. It is the part and parcel of modern civilization.
c. It is our best daily companion.
d. We cannot do for a moment without paper.
e. Some believe that the Egyptian made paper first.

03. Education
a. Education is the process by which our mind develops.
b. It ennobles our minds and refines our sensibility.
c. It is the training for proper growth.
d. The purpose of education is the liberation of prejudice.
e. Nobody can prosper in life without education.

04. The Taj Mahal
a. The Taj is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
b. It stands at Agra in India.
c. Emperor Shahjahan built it as tomb for his wife.
d. Everybody wants to see the Taj Mahal.
e. People like it most on a moonlit night.

05. Traffic Jam
a. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
b. It is not only a populous city but also a city of traffic jam.
c. A flyover has been built in Mohakhali to reduce traffic jam.
d. Traffic rules must be implemented.
e. Besides, the drivers, passersby and passengers should abide by the traffic rules.

06. Addiction
a. Addiction means strong attraction for any harmful thing.
b. Drug addiction is not only a national but also a global problem.
c. Drugs are used for intoxicating and stimulating effects.
d. These drugs are taken by smoking or through injection.
e. Drug addiction has grasped the young generation of the county.

07. Ambition
a. Ambition means desire to achieve something.
b. Almost all of us cherish a particular ambition.
c. It helps us to achieve our goal.
d. One needs to work hard to materialize any ambition.
e. A student having a particular ambition needs to study hard.

08. Self-confidence
a. Self-confidence is one of the invaluable human qualities.
b. It helps a man to reach the goal of life.
c. One should exercise it in order to overcome the problems of life.
d. The lack of determination leads one to lose his self-confidence.
e. Success without self-confidence is not enjoyable.

09. Population Problem
a. Bangladesh is an overpopulated land.
b. There are some causes behind overpopulation in Bangladesh.
c. Population problem is a great problem in Bangladesh.
d. Population creates other problems like poverty, disease, illiteracy etc.
e. The government should take proper steps to control the growth of population as soon as possible.

10. Penicillin
a. The word 'antibiotic' comes from two Greek words meaning 'against' and 'life'.
b. Bacteria was allowed to grow in these dishes so that they could be studied.
c. Penicillin is an antibiotic.
d. He gave a close look and saw that only the bacteria around the mould were dead.
e. It was on small flat dishes containing jelly-like substance in his experiment.

11. Punctuality
a. Punctuality is a habit.
b. It is the habit of doing a thing in its exact time.
c. In a wider sense, it denotes the process for proper utilization of time.
d. To maintain punctuality is necessary for all human beings.
e. So, one should form the habit of being punctual from one's childhood.

12. Housing
a. Housing is an acute problem in our country.
b. Thousands of people suffer from this problem in big cities, even in rural areas.
c. The cost of construction is now on the rise.
d. It is very difficult for the common people to afford the cost of construction.
e. This problem must be solved immediately.

13. Truthfulness
a. Truthfulness is the greatest of all virtues.
b. Everybody trusts a truthful man.
c. A truthful man is sincere too.
d. He cares none but Allah.
e. we all should respect a truthful man.

14. Dowry
a. Dowry is the name of a black-trading.
b. In the name of dowry, manhood of the husband is sold to the womanhood of the wife.
c. The selling of manhood refers to the buying of the imprisonment.
d. This imprisonment of the husband hampers the normal conjugal life.
e. We must give up taking dowry because it hampers our dignity.

15. Junk food
a. Junk food is a food that has bcen produced for its pungent test.
b. It contains a lof of animal fat and sugar.
c. It contains added chemicals.
d. We ought to be careful in taking junk food.
e. We should not be encouraged to produce junk food.

16. Fake friends
a. The number of true friends is very limited.
b. But a man has a number of fake friends.
c. Fake friends pretend to be well-wishers.
d. In fact, they are dormant enemies.
e. Fake friends leave us away in danger.

17. Independence Day
a. Every nation must have some glorious days.
b. Our nation has also some glorious and memorable days.
c. The March is the Independence Day.
d. This day is a glorious day for the people of Bangladesh.
e. The 21st February is the National Martyrs Day.

18. Culture
a. Culture is a term used for a way of life.
b. It includes a society's beliefs, customs, language and So On.
c. Hospitality is a part of Bangladeshi culture.
d. We shake hands at greeting only with males not with females.
e. But our culture is badly influenced by dish antenna and so on.

19. Electronic mail (Email)
a. Electronic mail, popularly known as email has brought about a revolutionary change in modern communication.
b. This mail or message is sent through internet.
c. Since email needs no paper, it has reduced the consumption of papers.
b. Internet connectivity is needed for it.
e. Email is a cheaper alternative to telephonic conversation.

20. Unemployment
a. Unemployment is a curse.
b. There are more people in our country than jobs.
c. Educated youth remain idle after completing their studies.
d. It weakens the body and mind of our young population.
e. They should not depend on the government to provide them with jobs.

N.B: Welcome to continue with us! We will add more very soon.


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