List of Nobel Prize Laureates 2015

  1. Subject: Physics (2 people)
    • (i) Name: Takaaki Kajita
      Born: March 9, 1959 (Saitama Prefecture, Japan)

      Takaaki Kajita
    • (ii) Name: Arthur B. McDonald
      Born: August 29, 1943 (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

      Arthur B. McDonald
  2. Subject: Chemistry (3 people)
    • (i) Name: Tomas Lindahl
      Born: January 28, 1938 (Stockholm, Sweden)

      Tomas Lindahl
    • (ii) Name: Paul Modrich
      Born: June 13, 1946 (New Mexico, United States)

      Paul Modrich
    • (iii) Name: Aziz Sancar
      Born: September 8, 1946 (Savur, Mardin, Turkey)

      Aziz Sancar
  3. Subject: Physiology or Medicine (3 people)
    • (i) Name: William C. Campbell
      Born: June 28, 1930 (Ramelton, Ireland)

      William C. Campbell
    • (ii) Name: Satoshi ┼îmura
      Born: July 12, 1935 (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan)

      Satoshi Ōmura
    • (iii) Name: Youyou Tu
      Born: December 30, 1930 (Zhejiang Ningpo, China)

      Youyou Tu
  4. Subject: Literature (1 people)
    • (i) Name: Svetlana Alexievich
      Born: May 31, 1948 (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

      Svetlana Alexievich
  5. Subject: Peace (1 organization)
    • (i) Name of the organization: National Dialogue Quartet
      Formed: The summer of 2013 (Tunisia)

  6. Subject: Economics (1 people)
    • (i) Name: Angus Deaton
      Born: October 19, 1945 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

      Angus Deaton

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