National University, Bangladesh
LLB Preliminary Syllabus
Course Title: Law of Taxation
Course Code: LAW 107 (New Course Code: LAW 507)

  1. Definition of Tax, Characteristics: Purposes/ Objectives of Taxation: Classification of Taxes. Tax Structure in Bangladesh.
  2. Brief History of Income Tax Law in Bangladesh. Definition of Income Tax; Objectives and Importance of Income Tax in Economic Development of Bangladesh; Scope of Income Tax Law.
  3. Definition of income and Importance of Income Year; Classification Assessee; Determination of Status of an Assessee, Relevant Statutory Definitions and Concepts relating to Tax, Heads of Income; Agricultural income; Annual Value; Assessment Year; Capital Assets; Dividend; Fair Market Value; Income and Income Year, Interest; Perquisite; Resident And Non-Resident; Provident Fund; Assessable and Non-Assessable Income; Exemption and Deduction; Tax Credit Income or Investment Allowance; Tax Deduction at sources and Advance Income Tax; Tax Avoidance and Evasion; Tax Holiday.
  4. Income Tax Authority: Organizational Structure of Administrative and Judicial Authorities; Power and Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of Administrative and Judicial Authorities.
  5. Heads of Income, Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability: Income from Salary, Elements of Salary and Explanation Regarding ITO, 1984, Provident Fund and Its Type; Income from Interest from Securities, Classification of Securities, Admissible Expenses of Income from Securities; Income from House Property; Assessable and Non.V Assessable Income from House Property, Admissible Expenses of House Property; Income from Agriculture, Classification of Agricultural income, Non-Agricultural Income, Admissible Expenses; Income from Business or Profession, Admissible and Inadmissible; Capital Gain and Computation of Capital Gain; Income from other Sources; Additional Heads of Income under IT Rules, 1984; Carry forward and Set Off of Losses; Computation of Total Tax and Tax Liability; Assessment and Return of Income.
  6. Assessment of Individuals.
  7. Assessment of Partnership Firm and Companies.

N.B: There will be eight questions out of which five questions need to be answered. There may be different Parts of a question showing proper division of marks (5 x 20 = 100).

Credit: National University, Bangladesh

Attention Please! This syllabus is published according to old syllabus. If you have any update, please inform us via comments. We will update ASAP.

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