National University, Bangladesh
LLB Preliminary Syllabus
Course Title: Jurisprudence
Course Code: LAW 101 (New Course Code: LAW 501)

1. On the concept of Law and its Relations:

Definitions of Law, Schools of Legal Thought: Natural Law, Positive Law, Kelsen’s Pure Theory of Law, Sociological School of Law, Historical School of Law and Legal Realism; Concept of Legal System, Interrelations of Law with State, Ethics, Justice, Social Morality and Social Change.

2. Classifications of Law and Rights:

Municipal Law, International Law, Customary Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Public Law, Private Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law; Fiscal Law, Substantive and Procedural Laws, By Law; Right, Duty, Definition and Kinds of Legal Rights, Enforcement and Extinction of Legal Rights, Rights and Liberty.

3. Justice:

Administration of Justice: Civil and Criminal Justice; Theories of Punishment, Kinds of Punishment, Death Penalty, Debate on the Abolishment of Death Penalty, The Ideas of Justice of John Rawls and Amartya Sen.

4. Legal Concepts:

a. Formal: State and Sovereignty: Elements and Functions of State, Different Views on Sovereignty; Sources of Law; Legislation and Codification, Kinds and Interrelation of Legislation and Codification, Legislation and Custom, Rules of Interpretation of Statutes; Custom: Definition And Kind of Custom, Binding Effect, Legal Position of Customary Laws; Precedent; Nature, Authority, ratio decidendi and obiter dicta and Kind of Precedent.

b. Material: Property: Kinds of Property and Lien, Leases, Servitudes, Securities Lien and Mortgage, Modes of Acquisition of Property, Ownership and Possession, Kinds of Ownership, Trust, Bailment and Pledge, Agency; Development of the Concept of Possession, Kinds of Possession, Elements of Possession, Prescription; Title: Definition, Nature and Classification of title: Person: Definition, Kinds of Person, Legal Status of Different Persons.

N.B: There will be eight questions out of which five questions need to be answered.
There may be different parts of a particular question with proper division of marks (5 x 20 = 100)

Credit: National University, Bangladesh

Attention Please! This syllabus is published according to old syllabus. If you have any update, please inform us via comments. We will update ASAP.

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